Basic Makeup Kit for Beginners

Basic Makeup Kit For Beginners
Anderson Guerra

For a makeup beginner, picking “what to purchase and begin from” can be especially difficult. It can leave very little space for experimenting. This is especially true if you love looking your best every day.

Determining what makeup items you need as a beginner is simple, though. This will save you a lot from collecting bulk amounts of eyeliners and lipsticks you’ll never use. Fortunately, preparing your personal makeup kit doesn’t have to be so hard. Only use the following list as a guideline and you’ll have all necessary essentials:

1. Makeup Foundation


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Just like artists who have to prime prior to painting, you as well must begin with a clean canvas. After you’ve prepared your skin, the foundation is your initial step. To bypass the inaccurate “cakey” appearance, you ought to apply the foundation utilizing a beauty sponge.

This absorbs product, letting you gradually add the best foundation amount to your complexion. There are various types of foundations in the markets. So, you can choose any depending on what result you want to achieve. Foundation can make your skin look glowing, matte, natural or be heavy. If you prefer natural look, then choose BB or CC cream.


To begin with, a concealer ought to be a must-have staple in your beauty kit. Consequently, concealer provides the photoshopped-looking finish every lady seeks. Notwithstanding, it simply may be the most complicated makeup fundamental for beginners to understand.

There are various kinds of concealer textures; an eye concealer and face concealer. You should be able to distinguish the two when you’re buying a concealer.Normally, you need a hydrating concealer to go beneath your eyes to soften the appearance of any fine lines.

Moreover, you can cover dark circles that spoil the while look. Practically, concealer for the rest of your face appears to be more dense and dry. This is great for covering up acne, scars, and pesky blemish. Moreover, it’s possible to whiten your forehead and make your nose look more accurate.


Now that you already have a flawless foundation, the next thing should be to make a splash. A fabulous bronzer is among the must-have items in a beginner makeup kit. On top of that, it’s important to attach a bit of color to avoid a pale look.

To do this without overdoing, you should dust a little bronzer into the hairline. Then, do this across the cheekbones and the neck to provide a flash pick-me-up.

Person applying makeup on woman's face

2. The Brows

Brow Pencil/ Power

Any beginner can begin filling in her brows by the use of a brow gel or even a powder shadow. However, if you’re in a hurry, you should opt for powder. The powder appears to be more lenient when you first begin off. They give soft effect and make the brows look fuller.

On the other hand, brow pencil is good for those who have gaps and sparse ends of brows. It’s easy to have natural looking brows by using pen. Though, start drawing your brows from gaps in order to avoid overdrawing the brows.

Also, there is one more product that anyone can use. This is brow gel, which solves many brow problems at once. It helps to fill, to correct, and to fix your brows. That’s the favourite product of makeup artists.

3. Makeup of Eyes


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Eyeliner is 100 percent essential, 90 percent sultriness, 10 percent glam. In addition, it can simply take any type of makeup from daytime to night-time in a sitch. Here, you can opt for pencil eyeliner. In fact, pencil allows to create “drama look” and you can even blend it with your eyeshadows.

Though, be ready to clean stains from time to time. Eyeliner is better in such cases. It’s long lasting and allows to draw thin lines. Though, beginners will have difficulty using it. Try not to overdraw your eyes trying to even lines on both eyes.


Now it’s time to increase your lashes with some mascara. Honestly speaking, even the most novices of makeup beginners won’t have problem with this one. Just take your newly dipped mascara wand, then apply one to two layers before you achieve your look. Notably, mascara darkens, thickens and extends the lashes for a combined look daily.

Neutral Eye-shadow Palette

Choose a neutral eye-shadow palette with about 10 colors and shades. Here, stick with bronze, taupe, brown and cream-colored shadows. As a result, you will get easily blendable and beautiful effect. In order to use shadows, you should have an eye-shadow brushes. Main types are:

  1. Flat brush for applying shadows.
  2. Fluffy brush that helps to blend the shadows. It should be the shape of a dome the size of a pencil eraser.

4. The Lips

Pink female lips
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Lipstick is another important piece for a charming lips. It can transform a whole look with only a mere swipe. The ideal neutral and a snap of color are 2 lip colors every lady ought to have within her purse.

Nevertheless, beginners should stick to one formula which has extra hydration. To get the best lip shade, go for a color lightly darker compared to your normal lip tone. This way, you’ll create the soundest wash of color. As bright color, you can choose coral, pink or berry.

In conclusion, remember that knowledge is power. This article has provided you with a comprehensive list of all the makeup essentials you need. We hope that the information here was useful and now you’re sure about what you need to include in your makeup kit. This way, you’ll avoid carrying around so many things most of which you will never use.

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