Makeup Tricks to Cover Acne

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Sometimes, you may be trying everything to cover your acne by using makeup. However, the piling on the makeup simply makes it even worse. Here, the problem is not with the makeup. Actually, the problem is with how you’re applying it. Sometimes, the deal is in the “less is more” strategy.

When buying cosmetics as an acne sufferer, the words oil-free and non-comedogenic should be your friends. Comedones are blackheads, coming from the blockages in the pores. A non-comedegenic product is less probable to cause congestion in the skin.

Covering acne can assist fake flawless skin if you do it the right way. Therefore, create a makeup habit with the following tricks!

1. Apply Light Moisturizer

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To start with, you have to clean your skin. Then, apply a light moisturizer, like an oil-free lotion. Normally, individuals with sensitive skin are mostly hesitant to use moisturizers. This is because they think it will make their oily skin even worse.

Though, this isn’t necessarily true. Actually, it’s not the moisturizer itself, but specific ingredients within some moisturizers are bad. Actually, if you deny your skin the moisture, it’ll compensate by generating more oil.

2. Using Primer to Cover Blackheads

Secondly, use a primer, which treats acne. Primer is good in smoothening out your skin before applying other makeup. Additionally, it helps the makeup to endure longer. At the same time, it gives your face quite a smoother appearance. Apply a little amount uniformly across the face.

Using extremely much can cause your foundation to look uneven. Normally, this is the reverse effect of what you need, when you’re trying to conceal blackheads. Ensure that you pause a minute to allow the primer dry prior to applying any other particular makeup. You can use a tinted primer in improving the facial color.

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3. Cover Pimples with a Profoundly Pigmented Treatment Concealer

Acne treatment concealer has special acne-treatment ingredients. Usually, such ingredients are salicylic acid and sulfur. It’s essential to do an application of concealer after the foundation. It’s better to use tiny brush to apply concealer.

Importantly, you’ll need a concealer which is similar to your skin color. In order to hide pimples, apply pigmented concealer after applying the foundation. Thus, you’ll achieve better result.

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For concealing pimple, try using green colored concealer. Just put a spot on the pimple and cover it with concealer of your skin tone. Avoid the colored concealer to be spread on the skin around the pimple.

Finally, cover it all with powder. Beside pimples, green colored concealer helps to hide redness and blemishes. Also, peach color concealer is great for covering under eyes circles. To cover the skin around eyes correctly, use your ring finger. That is because ring finger has less strength.

4. The Foundation

Next, consider your foundation. Ensure that you apply a light coat only. Moreover, mix well, including your neck. Foundation is going to help to even out your skin tone. As a result, foundation makes imperfections less visible.

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In case of oily skin, opt for oil-free liquid or even powder foundation. A few people find luck with cream-to-powder foundations. For dryer or combination skin, you can use the same oil-free foundations. Nevertheless, use a slightly heavier moisturizer on dry sections.

5. Touch Up Lightly

Fifthly, regardless of how well you do the application of your makeup, you need a bit of touching up while the day goes on. So then, carry some concealer with you inside your bag together with a powder compact.

Still, maintain your touching-up to a minimum. Too much concealer can make your acne visible, as the layers accumulate. Try using a tissue to wipe off some of the makeup, then reapply it.

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6. Mineral Makeup for Acne Scars

Also, mineral makeup has become a pretty popular pick for women, who suffer from acne. This is so due to the fact that it’s very simple to use. Ussualy, you can find it in the form of a powder. This powder glides simply on your face. Not only is this makeup good for acne, but also for women having sensitive skin. It offers the foundation, concealer and plus powder.

7. Practice Proper Cosmetic Hygiene

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By storing cosmetic containers sealed and at cooler temperatures help to avoid dust and bacteria accumulation. Ensure, to wash hands before you apply makeup. Furthermore, replace your ash sponges and brushes regularly. Shampoo functions well for washing brushes and sponges.

In order to make it easier for you to understand how it all works, we provide you with a video-tutorial. Hope, it’ll be useful for you!

In conclusion, when you’re using makeup to cover acne scars, there’s one thing you ought to remember. You don’t want to cake on a lot of makeup and draw attention to your face. Rather, the makeup you’re using for your acne should blend in naturally into your skin’s complexion. This way, people will admire your beauty and not stare at your face.

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