Top six parent-kids workouts

Top six parent-kids workouts

Over the past few decades, the cases of children with obesity have increased. This trend is the result of today’s lifestyle, where the young ones spend most of their time sitting, watching cartoons and playing video games. As a result, health experts are insisting on workouts that involve both the parents and kids.

It’s evident that the young ones mimic their elders. Hence, you must show your kids that doing exercises is vital, so that they can adopt healthy habits at a younger age. Unfortunately, a gym setting can’t go well with the kids, especially, because it’s designed mmostly for adults.

Besides, numerous rules at the gym can be annoying to the young ones. According to health experts, parents should, therefore, look for funny exercises that accommodate kids too. Without saying much, here are some fun activities that you can practice with your kids as a way of keeping fit.

1.Charity runs/walks

Running and walking are excellent forms of workouts, as they help to work almost every muscle in your body. Therefore, you can involve your kids in running and walking activities often. In fact, these two don’t require any special equipment. Charity events, especially, are a perfect platform to run alongside your kids. This is a funny way of entertainment, too.

Happy little boy running during daytime
Mi pham

Of course, the fact that you run for a good cause makes the activity much more interesting for you and your kids. Thus, you must not turn down any offers to take your kids to a charity walk or run within your town.


On the one hand, this particular activity creates a welcoming environment for parents and kids to bond. Mountain climbing, for instance, is a daring ordeal and that calls for togetherness. In addition, that’s where family comes in place. On the other hand, hiking is an excellent form of exercise, as it involves walking, holding, jumping, cycling, and running, for example.

Two blonde girls sitting outdoors and enjoying the nature

Thus, you can search for a hiking venue in your locality and bring your young ones there. The good thing about hiking is that it involves an enjoyable environment. So, your kids will have interest till the very last minute without complaining.


Swimming is one of the few activities that are pleasant for many. Swimming, in particular, isn’t only a fun activity, but is also an excellent form of exercise. According to fitness coaches, swimming exercises almost every muscle in a human body.

Two kids swimming in a pool
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Therefore, it’s advisable to go for a swim together with your kids now and then. The fact that children love swimming makes the activity an effective way to work out. The fantastic thing about a swimming pool is that it allows you to work out without hustle.

4.Yoga for parents and kids

Recently, yoga has gained popularity around the world because of its numerous benefits. This specific workout involves stretching and is known for relaxing the mind, soul, and body. Yoga is associated with adults, but the trend is slowly changing. Today, yoga sessions are being introduced even at schools to target the young ones.

Female body stretching

The stretches done in yoga are easy to learn and, therefore, you can take your kids together to your yoga sessions. Besides, you can practice yoga at home, as there are many yoga tutorials online that can guide you during the process.

5.Dance it out

Dancing may seem like an unnecessary activity, but it holds many benefits, than one could ever imagine. It is an excellent form of cardio exercise. The fantastic thing about dancing is that it’s easy to learn and the young ones enjoy it a lot. Thus, you can play the kid’s favorite tunes and dance to the song in your living room. It’s advisable to make this a habit, because your kids can never get bored.


Boy running among trees
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Squats are also an excellent form of exercise and that both parent and kids should try. All you need to understand is the right procedures for your squats. When doing squats, it’s advisable to stand with your feet a bit wider as compared to the hip width, and the toes slightly turned out.

While maintaining that position, you’re expected to bend your knees and push your hips down into a squat. Your chest should remain lifted, while your back should be straight. You must squeeze your glutes, while returning to the original posture.

Notably, you should repeat this procedure with a steady rhythm to increase the effectiveness. You can train your kids on how to do squats and make it a habit. At first, they may find it difficult, but once they get used, they will start enjoying the whole process.

Actually, these are just some of the exercises you can do together with your kids. There are many variations of family workouts, so let us show you the two examples that we believe are interesting and funny! 

This one is perfect for small kids that are only getting acquainted with workout routine. Though, we took into account that kids do not like boring things. Therefore, this one is perfect for both entertainment and exercising!

This video is perfect for the whole family, especially if you have kids that are already of school age. These exercises more resemble the real workout. Though, it is still funny. 


Exercising your body is essential for everyone, the kids included. With the rising cases of obese kids, especially, it’s advisable to get your kids out of the house and keep their bodies active. Listed in this article are six forms of exercises that you should try to kick them out of the comfort zone. Read through each one of them to understand how easy and beneficial they are to one’s health.

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