Why Fruitarianism is Not Always a Good Idea?

Fruitarianism is quite popular phenomenon today. It suggests eating only fruits and sometimes nuts and seeds. General rule of that movement is that menu should include 75% of raw fruits and 25% of nuts. One of the main rules- fruits can only be washed or cleaned. Moreover, you cannot mix it with each other.

From the first side it sounds great, fruits are very healthy and if you eat only healthy food all the time, you will only benefit from it. However, it is not that simple. Fruitarianism has the drawbacks and they can be actually dangerous sometimes.

Your body needs other nutrients

Fruits are full of fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals – and this is great. Moreover, because of natural sugar and carbohydrates, they give energy. It is recommended for people in the age from 18 to 35 to eat two cups of fruits a day. And what an amazing taste they have! But even three or four different fruits cannot provide you with all necessary nutrients your body needs to function properly. For example, you need proteins to rebuild and repair tissue, and fat to protect organs and help your brain activity. By consuming only fruits, you lose these and other important nutrients.

You get an additional stress

When you have to face any changes in your life, you need carefully think about it at first. It is actually difficult to change a variety of products to only one type. For some people it is tremendous stress. Moreover, such radical changes in lifestyle mostly face a failure in the long term perspective. Fruitarianism is quite hard and too restrictive way of life. Thus, the eating plan that forbids all usual products can harm your psychological attitude to food and as a result cause various eating disorders or nervous breakdowns.

You may feel bad all the time

As we have mentioned before fruitarianism is very popular today, even celebrities follow this lifestyle. In 2013 Aston Kutcher tried to follow fruit diet, but a week later he was hospitalized because of problems with pancreas. Actually, this organ is responsible for insulin producing and controlling sugar level in blood. So, if it’s working capacity decrease, body cannot process sugar and if you eat mostly sweet fruits, then you will easily understand why this is a real problem for the body. In addition, for people with diabetes a fruit diet can be also harmful.

Thus, before switching to fruitarianism you should consult with the doctor to make sure that the state of health allows you to change the diet radically. If you decide to follow fruitarianism , you need to train your body. Fruitarianism is not recommended for teenagers, pregnant women or people with chronic diseases.  You should also be aware that a diet based only on fruits can lead to the exacerbation of chronic diseases and even hormonal imbalance.

To conclude if you want to try fruitarianism, but do not want to get health problems, then it is better to use this diet periodically.

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