Astonishing social benefits from around the world

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Throughout the world, every country has a bunch of social benefits entitled to its citizens. Generally, the benefits enjoyed can range from holidays, leaves, salaries, and allowances among others. Of course, you know the kind of social benefits you enjoy in your country, don’t you?

However, in some other countries, the benefits are completely crazy. Yes, crazy! It’s astonishing to hear about them. So, this article presents you amazing social benefits that some countries provide to their citizens.

8 Social Wonderful Social Benefits Enjoyed In Some Countries

1. Parental leave in Finland

In this country, women can begin maternity leave 50 working days at the earliest or 30 working days at the latest prior to the day they expect to deliver. Women opt when to begin maternity leave. Additionally, the government will pay an allowance for 105 working days, which is approximately 4 months.

Amazingly, self-employed and unemployed individuals, and even students, enjoy the maternity allowance. In addition to that, new moms get a cardboard box from the government, which doubles as a bassinet.

It includes a sleeping bag, bodysuits, outdoor gear, diapers, bathing products and bedding. This is in accordance with MarketWatch. Also, parents appreciate short work hours till their baby is two. On top of that, they enjoy free daycare.

2. Unemployed Benefits in Denmark

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In Denmark, unemployed workers receive 90% of their previous earnings for up to 2-years. This is the most charitable unemployment benefit in the European Union according to the Glassdoor survey. Of course, this greatly outpaces the United States. Here unemployment payments are 40% to 50% of earnings for up to 6-months.

3. Public Holidays in Spain

Did you know that Spanish love enjoying their lives? For this reason, there are 14 public holidays for citizens to do what they love. This is the highest number of holidays in the EU, accordang to Glassdoor. As you can see, they have a lot of time to have pleasure.

4. Paternity Leave in Iceland

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Several European employers provide paternity leave for dads to spend quality time with their newborn babies. Statistically, this parental leave is one of the most generous. It gives dads 120 days off, including work-related rights, plus leave-taking entitlements. Here, government employees further accrue holiday-allowance rights during their summer vacations.

5. Criminal Rehab in Sweden

Surprisingly, prisons in Sweden are for rehabilitating criminals. This helps to demonstrate why the recidivism rate in this country is very low. For example, in 2014, the recidivism rate was 40%, which was approximately half that of the United States. According to The Guardian, the Swedish penitentiaries don’t look like prisons. Instead, they more look like American college or offices dorm rooms.

6. Expected Mums in U.K.

Being an expectant mother in the United Kingdom, you’ll enjoy legal maternity leave. Accordingly, women can enjoy up to one year of maternity leave. This is with a plain minimum of 2 weeks following giving a birth or 4 weeks in case one works in a factory.

New mothers just get statutory maternity pay for 39 weeks out of their 52 weeks maternity leave. Actually, for the initial six weeks, you’ll receive 90% of your mean weekly salary before tax. Later, you’ll only get 139.58 every week. Or 90% of your mean weekly earnings in case this is a lower amount.

7. Sick-leave in the Netherlands

The least sick-leave entitlement here in Netherlands is 70% payment of one’s most current wage level. One can receive the payment for a period of 2 years. Thus, this is really a generous benefit, which reflects the social policy in Netherlands. A few employers even pay 100% of one’s wages.

The sick-leave social benefit may appear sensible for short illnesses, though. However, there’s always the likelihood of a severe long-term illness. Now, it’s prohibited in the Netherlands to fire an employee that is ill. As a result, it becomes essential to help the employee with their health and recovery. And when feasible, have them go back to work.

8. Paid Vacation in Lithuania

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Here, employers have to provide workers with a minimum of 28 days paid holiday up to 58 days. France, Sweden, and Denmark aren’t far behind. In these countries, employers ensure a minimum of 25 days off every year.

In conclusion, these are some of the wonderful social benefits that citizens get to enjoy in their respective countries. While some may sound normal, others are truly astonishing. For example, the unemployment benefit in Denmark is just unimaginable.

All in all, every country always has one thing that citizens enjoy absent in other countries. It might not be necessarily a social benefit though, but surely, it’s also wonderful. Therefore, if you don’t belong to any of the above-mentioned countries, don’t feel bad. Just enjoy the most out of what is available in your country happily.

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