10 Simple Ways to Master Your Self-Discipline


Self-discipline shortens the road to success. Establishing discipline is a long and complicated process. But the result is worth it. Practicing perseverance and repeating the same actions time after time will help you to perform any actions easily and fast in the future.

Self-discipline will help you to structure your life, focus on aspirations and desires with spending less energy to force yourself to do something.

Here are top 10 secrets related to self-discipline:

1. The foundation of self-discipline is a good sleep.

Every new day begins not with awakening, but from the moment when you go to bed. If you go to bed too late, you lose a part of your bedtime and good rest. yourself of a good rest. It is much easier to maintain discipline for the man who had a good sleep and got energy for the new day. Thus, you can start to control your discipline with a simple task: to get enough sleep every night.

2. Succeed in the details.

At first, you need prove yourself that discipline is an excellent tool to improve your life. Every insignificant success will convince that you have chosen the right model of behavior. It will be easier for you to project more important things than you did before in your personal life or career.

3. Change your attitude towards yourself.

Do not blame and do not intimidate yourself. Self-discipline is a technique that challenges the nature of human being.

The ancient man was completely devoid of discipline and his or her main goal was to survive. While the brain of a millennial is programmed to seek pleasure and instant gratification. This is not relate to greed, but to the instinct of self-preservation. You cannot discipline every your action, so you have to choose what is the most important problem to be solved.

4. Be proud of yourself.

If you are proud of yourself, for example in terms of human qualities as kindness, honesty, responsiveness, attentiveness to others, the ability to love and care, it motivates you to develop these and other positive features.

This theory works with the professional field too. When you are proud of your work, appreciate the results of your work and realize the value you bring to others, you will strive to improve your skills.

5. Do not wait for the reaction of other people.

The responsibility for your life is entirely your business. People that surround you always wait for the result of your failure, because they do not actually care if you can achieve something, since your fiasco demonstrates their weakness.

Do not wait for the reaction of others. Choose the right direction for you, go forward and do not pay attention to anyone.

6. Redefine some of your principles.

For example, you do not like to make someone wait and do not like when people are late. You can set a rule: “I will always arrive on time.” Then, you can reformulate this principle: “I will never be late.”

7. Learn to feel the consequences of plans violation.

For example, you want to lose weight, but you can not resist the chocolate or cake. Check how many calories they contain and go to run. Slow running burns approximately 8 kcal per kg of human weight per hour. Run as much as you would need to burn a chocolate bar, cake, etc.

You need to imagine what is going to be a bad consequence of a plan violation in order to achieve any goal.

8. Make a step-by-step plan of action.

You should always know what needs to be done now and what step follows it. Any pauses to think about lead to a loss of vigilance. You need to analyze every step that you made at the end of each day. If you haven’t ticked any step of a daily plan, then you need to answer a few questions:

1. What prevented me from fulfilling the plan?

2. What conclusions can I draw from this?

3. What do I need to do to make it happen tomorrow?

Make a plan for every day and do not longer worry that you do not know what you should do now or what step you need to take in the future.

9. Stop to control everything.

The feeling that everything is under your control is addictive. But the reality is that you have neither the strength nor the time to control everything. Not to mention the fact that some things you can not control at all.

Set priorities, focus on the most important.

10. Do not strive to achieve perfection, strive to be consistent.

disciplinePerfection is an illusion. There is always an opportunity to become better, to perform work more efficiently. If you focus on perfection, you will be disappointed. Instead, you can try to be consistent. Set a goal for every day to improve your results. After some time you will see how your life has changed.

Do not wait for perfection. Continuously move forward, making one step after another and achieve your goal.


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