Can I Dye My Hair During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is one of the happiest periods in the lives of every woman. Taking out a healthy child is not easy due to the hormonal changes that occur in the body, the body works at an accelerated pace. Therefore, there a number of prohibitions and recommendations for a pregnant woman aimed at preserving the child. It is not surprising that women have questions about permissiveness. One of the most popular topics is hair dyeing.

Hair coloring during pregnancy.

Many women have a lot of questions regarding hair dyeing procedure during pregnancy. Nowadays, specialists still do not have an exact answers to questions.

Scientists have studied the toxicity of ingredients in hair-dye, but the research have demonstrated that it doesn’t affect the fetus.

Doctors also do not have a common opinion. Those who are against coloring during pregnancy refer to harmful substances: resorcinol, hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, paraphenylenediamine. However, only some people can have allergic reactions to this composition. Doctors who consider hair dyeing harmless suggest that harmful ingredients enter the blood in small quantities.

In the last century it was risky to dye hair, but cosmetology sphere is developing. Manufacturers of the hair-dyes produce and sell more harmful products. In addition, the fetus in the womb is shrouded in a protecting placenta, which does not allow a small amount of chemicals to penetrate into it.

The danger of hair coloring during pregnancy.

Coloring the sensitive skin with a chemical hair-dye can lead to toxicosis and allergic rashes. Persistent dark color-dye contains more substances that can lead to dangerous consequences. Hormonal adjustment can cause allergies and changes in the structure of the hair.

Hair coloring is not harmful, it is better to not practice this procedure in the first twelve weeks of pregnancy due to the fact that during this period an embryo originates at the cellular level.

Yes, you can dye your hair during pregnancy, but follow the instructions below.

Pregnancy has three period called trimesters, each of which has its own peculiarity:

  • First trimester (12-13 weeks). It is dangerous to color your hair during this trimester due to the fact that the embryo is formed into a fetus with internal organs and systems. It is not recommended to make hair changes using chemical compositions.
  • Second trimester (14-27 weeks). Your child is already has been formed, but you should not use dyes with aggressive components. It is harmful for a pregnant woman to breathe ammonia fumes;
  • Third trimester (28-40 weeks). The child gains weight during this period. External interventions no longer affect the small organism. You can color your hair without taking any risks, but it is preferable to use natural ingredients.

To sum up, the specialists do not forbid to color your hair during any trimester, but it is your responsibility to be careful for your health and the health of a child. That’s why, they recommend to choose a hair-dye without ammonia.

Natural hair dyeing methods.

Did you know that there are a lot of alternatives to dye your hair rather than chemical hair-dyes? Using natural dyes during pregnancy do not harm your health and the health of your baby. Such hair coloring, on the contrary, is very useful. However, the color palette is not so rich: black, red, chestnut.

There are many recipes for home dyes to achieve the desired shade of hair:

Basma will provide rich black hair. Since this is a plant dye, it can be applied once in every 1.5-2 weeks. If you wish to achieve black you need to take basma and henna in the proportions of two to one respectively. You should heat the mixture in a water bath, add fresh beet juice and 1 teaspoon of olive oil. Then, apply it to dried hair and wait 3 hours.

Tea and coffee will provide a pleasant chestnut color. Here the recipe of the natural hair-dye: put 2-3 tablespoons of tea / coffee brew in a glass of boiled water. The brew is applied to the hair and kept under the heat bath for half an hour.

Walnut is suitable for a chocolate hair color. In order to achieve this color you should use 100 grams of green walnut peel and 1 liter of water. You should apply the broth to the hair and wait 30-40 minutes.

Henna is an ideal hair-dye alternative for redhead women. You should pour the milk or the water to powder and wait until it reaches the sour cream consistency. Then, you should apply this substance to dry clean hair.

Chamomile and calamus are designed for blondes. You should apply concentrated decoction to the hair and wait about 20-40 minutes.


To sum up, according to the doctors and researchers, it is possible to dye your hair during pregnancy. Especially, if you use a hair-dye without ammonia, it doesn’t cause a significant damage that will affect the health and development of the fetus.

If you choose to use natural hair-dyes. you  have to do this procedure on the regular basis in order to achieve the result. But it will have a beneficial effect on your hair health and total health.

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