Is Taking a Bath Good for You? Benefits and Dangers

Is Taking a Bath Good for You

Is taking a bath good for you?

Taking a bath and showering is an essential part of personal hygiene. It allows you to clean your skin and hair in a thorough, effective way.

is taking a bath good for youMoreover, the dirt, toxins and debris that could have got embedded on our bodies during the day are eliminated when we take a bath. This helps us to avoid developing the diseases which are brought about by dirt.

As we go about our lives every day, we come into contact with many dirty surfaces and environmental pollutants. Through using a combination of water and soap, we can wash away the unwanted dirt, dust and debris that could have accumulated on our bodies during the day.

Bathing can be performed in many ways. The most popular ones include taking a shower or using a bathtub. In this article we are going to discuss the benefits of taking a bath in a bathtub.

Is soaking in a bath good for you? What are the benefits of taking a bath?

1. A Bath for Better Mood ūüôā

Settling into nice warm water feels very comforting. It makes us feel good and moreover, this feeling happens to have staying power.

Is soaking in a bath good for youPsychologists say that taking a bath diminishes feeling of anxiety and depression, because bath provides you with a great combination of isolation, comfort and quietness. Furthermore, this feeling of being in a warm water reminds us the safety of mother’s womb, when we were so comfortable and cozy. This feeling of security allows your body and mind to truly sooth and relax.

Moreover, submerging in water reduces pain and calms the nervous system, improving your mood overall. Bathing in warm water raises your levels of serotonin – hormones of happiness.

You can also add nice smells to your bath, adding couple of drops of essential oils to the water to experience aromatherapy. Add lavender or jasmine oils to calm down, or, bergamot or peppermint oils to boost your mood. Aromatherapy is fantastic for regulating mood or reducing stress.

2. A Bath for Better Health

Is taking a bath good for you?Every day, we come into direct contact with elements which are supremely harmful. Germs, fungi and bacteria are usually situated on surfaces as well as floating in the air. Taking a bath with a soap helps to get rid of bacteria or germs.

Moreover, bathing regularly in warm bath can reduce blood pressure. This is true because taking a warm bath will make your heart beat faster and gives it a healthy work out. So, soaking in warm water may prevent you from heart conditions. However, be careful with the water temperature. If the water is too hot, it puts unnecessary strain on the heart.

If you add some Epsom salt in your bath, it may help reduce muscle pain and inflammation. Furthermore, experiments of taking a bath with bath salt have shown incredible positive effects on people with type 2 diabetes.

Bathing in warm water can also relieve cold and flu symptoms, because when you are laying in warm water, your heart beat increases as well as the oxygen intake. The warm steam helps to clear your sinuses. So, if you have stuffy nose and coughs, hot-warm bath may help you feel better.

3. A bath for Better Sleep

You must have heard that it is always better to sleep in a cooler temperature room. We also feel sleepy and sleep more when during colder seasons of the year.

Therefore, when you take a bath before going to bed, a warm water raises your body temperature and signals your body that it needs to cool down rapidly, which triggers melatonin production. And melatonin is also known as sleeping hormone.

4. A bath for Weight Loss

In fact, taking a hot bath will help you burn some calories. While you are taking a nice hot bath, you heart beat increases. The heat also induces better blood flow and circulation what you usually experience during a work out. Of course, you should not expect to lose a huge amount of calories. Although, taking a bath burns, approximately, as many calories as taking a short walk.

5. A Bath to Relieve Muscle Pain and Discomfort

As we mentioned above, heat improves blood circulation, and it is good for your tight and sore muscles to relax. Furthermore, the hot temperature and the pressure of water gently massages and relaxes your muscles.

Is taking a bath good for you?It is also beneficial for you if you move and stretch a little bit while laying in a bath tub. Exercising in a bathtub filled with water is good for bones, joints and muscle health.

6. A Bath for Smooth Skin

A nice warm bath combined with essential oils, for example coconut oil or lavender can hydrate and heal dry and irritated skin. The steam opens up your pores letting your cells to hydrate. Adding Epsom salt is also very beneficial, because of the natural minerals it has.


What is the proper way to take a bath? Is it bad to stay in the bath too long?


The best water temperature for your perfect bath is the temperature that is not too far from your own body temperature. Even though hotter the bath, better it may feel physically, a warm bath is better for your skin and immune system. Extreme cold or very hot water can harm or burn your skin. Moreover, water that is too cold or too hot can also make your skin dry afterwards.

Actually, there is no specific ideal water temperature for your bath, whatever makes you enjoy it the most, as soon as it does not exceed 43’C or 110’F. For babies and small children the maximum temperature should be even lower, because they have more sensitive skin than adults.

Add essential oils or aloe juice or Epsom salt to create a healing bath. You may also want to bring a book or radio, or may be a hair or face mask that you want to apply while laying in a tub.

Collect all the accessories that you will need to clean your body. These may include a towel, soap or a washcloth.


soaking in a tubGet in a tub and soak for 15-20 minutes.

When your body is all wet, create a lather on the washcloth using a soap. Apply a soap or body wash on your body and begin to rub gently. You can also wash your face along with the body or preserve a special session for facial cleaning.

Try to keep your total bath experience under 40 minutes. Because, staying for longer than this can be detrimental to the health of your skin.


How often should you bathe?

Is taking a bath everyday bad for you?

Dermatologists advice that people bathe once every two-three days, because it is good for your skin health. However, the frequency may vary and your level of physical activity.

If you work out every day, for instance, or if you live in a very hot and humid climate; or perhaps you have a job where you get dusty and dirty; or if you sweat a lot, you will have to shower or take a bath more often.


Bath Bombs vs Epsom Salts

Adding bath bombs or salt may enhance your bathing experience. Some of these bath salts and bath bombs are great for soothing your skin. They also usually smell nice and awaken your senses.

So, what is better- a bath bomb or bath salt? 

bombs or saltsBath bombs are more fun, because of their colorful presentation and also its fizziness and bubbliness. However, to create that entertainment for you, some bath bomb producing companies add fillers and artificial colors, glitter and other ingredients that may be not good for your skin health.

So, please, read the contents on their labels to make sure that they do not contain chemicals that can irritate your skin.

Epsom salts contain natural minerals that are important nutrients that our bodies need to function. Unfortunately, these minerals are poorly absorbed through our food, that is why many people are deficient in these nutrients. Therefore, it may be very beneficial to take a bath with a pure Epsom salt.

The best time to add the bath bombs or bath salts into your bathtub is when the water is running. Also, try to add a carrier oil, for instance, olive oil or jojoba oil to make your skin stay silky smooth longer.


Dangers of Taking a Bath

Dangers of Taking a BathTaking a bath is usually a pretty safe activity. However, it can be hazardous if you use the wrong components or bathe in a contaminated water.

The right temperature of the water in a bath tub is crucial as well. Extra hot water can dehydrate your skin or even burn. Bathing in water above 39C (102F) can have even different physiological effects on the body.

As your blood pressure changes while you are soaking in hot water, it may effect the blood flow to your head though. Therefore, some people feel dizziness and poor balance right after taking a hot bath.

Moreover, in some cases, hot water may worsen certain skin diseases and irritate open wounds.

Elder people and people who suffer from serious health conditions, must consult a doctor before taking a hot bath. Pregnant women also tend to find that their nausea can worsen with a long hot bath, and it can lead to vomiting.


What to Do While Taking a Bath?

You can enjoy your favorite audio book or a show while bathing. You can also read in the bath, or listen to a soft jazz or any music that you enjoy.

Moreover, you can learn new words from a foreign language that you always wanted to learn. You can go through your emails on your phone or do some shopping.

You can also exercise, for example, do a plank in a tub. Or you can massage your face, your head and body while laying in warm water. Singing can be also great idea here.


Are there any portable bathtubs? 

New Yorkers can truly understand the importance of space and lack of it. Most of the apartments in New York City do not have full size bath tubs, and have walk-in showers instead. No doubt, showers take up less space than a traditional bathtub and they are also easier to clean.

However, even if you do not have an access to a bath-tub, you still can enjoy it by getting a portable bathtub that you can place anywhere you want, even in the shower stall.

For instance, G Gagen Happy Life Portable Plastic Bathtub is an indoor or outdoor bathtub, that is light, portable and suitable even for a small room. This bathtub id durable and big enough to fit two people at the same time.

Conclusion. Is taking a bath good for you?

Taking a bath is very therapeutic and it feels good. It is also a hygienic activity and beneficial for our health. Taking a bath can elevate your mood, make you sleep better and relieve pain and discomfort. However, if you suffer from any medical conditions you should consult a health care professional before embarking on bath therapy.

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