Why Holland is a place of the future?


Holland has the 18th largest economy on the globe with a GDP per capita of $49,000 and an annual growth rate of 2.7%. This makes the Dutch one of richest people on the earth and definitely one of the most cheerful. According to the UN, the Dutch people are the 6th happiest country on the earth. Here are a few reasons why Holland is a place for the future.

Holland has a great innovative spirit

2018 witnessed how Holland moved Sweden to second place in the ranking of the most innovative countries in the world. The close relationship between the business community and universities has helped to advance new technologies. That happened especially in the field of climate friendly innovations.

Smart cities, shared vehicles, and radical new economic models are some of the few areas, where Holland is a pioneer. Thus, Holland succeeds in making the world cleaner and greener.

Four people outdoors, Green

Other great innovations include the first 3-D printed houses, located in Meerhoven and air cleaning bicycles. Moreover, they introduced a new app, called Skin vision, which helps identify skin cancer, using mobile devices.

Wildlife protection through Eco-ducts

In the US alone more than one million animals are killed on roads every year. Holland is trying to resolve this problem by constructing Eco-ducts. They basically act as wildlife crossings that help animals cross roads safely. As a result, this has saved the lives of thousands of animals. Moreover, this ensured that the ecosystem in the country is safe and functioning.

Why Holland is a country of the future?
Mabel Amber

Tree planting to cut down their carbon footprint

Holland has a forest cover of about 12%. Actually, this is because it is the most densely populated region in mainland Europe. Since 2016 the Dutch have been going on a tree planting binge, designed to make the region greener. More than 100,000 hectares of land has been set aside for tree planting. Accordingly, this will increase the total forest cover to about 16%.

Clean energy production and self-sufficiency

Around 2005 Holland was importing 15% of its electricity. They pay considerable attention to improving energy self- sufficiency by increasing energy production. As a result, Netherlands is becoming a net energy exporter. Notably, electric car sales in Holland stand at almost 10% of total car sales.

Thus, this places Holland in the second position globally after Norway in electric car purchases as a percentage of total sales. The Dutch government is planning a 100% clean energy future. To be more precise, they plan to reduce reliance on fossil fuel cars and CO2 emitting energy sources.

Alternative energy

A bright youth forged by a great education system

The easiest way to know the future of a nation is by looking at its young people. According to a global research network called Universitas 21, Holland has the 7th best education system in the world. The research considered 4 key criteria:

  • Connectivity
  • Learning environment
  • Resource availability
  • Overall output

The report further emphasized that the Dutch higher education system was particularly impressive for creating a well-trained workforce. Importantly, graduates are capable of meeting actual demands in the market place.

Education system

A great health care system guarantees a bright future

You can tell a lot about a people by the way they treat their sick and elderly. According to the Euro Health Consumer Index, Holland has the best public health care system in the Europe. This ranking is given depending on how satisfied citizens are with the treatment they received.

Healthcare system

The reason the Dutch invest so heavily into health care is because the government understands that a healthy population guarantees a prosperous future.


Holland displays amazing work etiquette

The attitude and mannerisms of people at a work place forms a critical part of their overall economic output. A business culture that despises work, management or customers will inevitably result in a sluggish economy and poor living conditions for everybody.

The Dutch clearly understand this. Therefore, they are known for punctuality and showing up for meetings on time. Their business dress code is either formal or semi-formal, depending on the industry.

Businesses do not engage in any form of bribery or corruption. That is because the social stigma associated with such acts is enough to bring down even the largest of corporate behemoths.


Finally and most importantly is that corporate social responsibility is very important in Holland. Therefore, every company in the country invests resources to ensure they operate using environment friendly techniques.

Low crime and incarceration rates

It’s said that the more laws you make the more criminals you create. This must be why Holland has made tremendous efforts to reduce laws that incarcerate people for victimless crimes, like using soft drugs. Holland has also reduced the overall number of prisons by closing down 19 of them. This has brought the incarceration rate down to 163 people per 100,000.

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