9 Products That Harm Your Teeth

Nowadays, in the pace of accelerated life, people do not pay attention to everything that they consume during the day. However, each of us desire to have a Hollywood smile. Dentists have composed a list of products that can harm the health and whiteness of the teeth. Let’s learn more about these products and define the authenticity of that facts.


This is the strongest tooth-staining product. Coffee stains do not go away even after professional tooth brushing, a light tone of that product can still remain after the procedure. Dentists recommend to drink coffee and beverages through a straw so that the teeth cannot contact the product directly. In addition, most people drink coffee with sugar, but large amount of carbohydrates is also really harmful.


Cola and other sweet drinks are very harmful for the health of the teeth. They contain a lot of sugar and acid. These products can affect the enamel, increase its sensitivity and permeability. The enamel suffers when you forget to brush your teeth, eat sweets and then drink soda.


Carbohydrates, sugar, white flour – all this is harmful to the teeth. Bakery products have a soft fibrous structure, so they immediately adhere to the teeth. Subsequently, the stuck pieces can form a tartar, which is followed by the serious dental problem – caries.


Sugar, dyes, carbohydrates have a negative effect on the health of the teeth. There is another problem that can be caused by drinking an alcohol: dehydration and lack of saliva. This may lead to development of caries and the destruction of tooth enamel due to the fact that saliva washes our teeth and protects them from the effects of harmful substances and the acidic environment. To sum up, alcohol abuse can lead to serious above-mentioned problems and teeth decay.


Cranberries, cherries, raspberries bring great benefits to the body, regulate pressure, support the immune system, even have a positive effect on metabolism and help to lose weight. However, too much acid and red coloring pigment in their composition have a negative effect on teeth whiteness. These components stain them and corrode enamel causing it to be more sensitive.

In order to avoid such problems, dentists recommend to consume berries wisely and rinse the mouth thoroughly. In addition, it is better to drink juices through a straw.


Red wine and white wine are universally known pests. They contain too much acids that spoil the enamel and can cause the formation of caries. In addition, red wine has a property to stain the teeth.


Dried dog-rose contains a huge amount of vitamin C, which is much more than cranberries or lemons. But at the same time its broth darkens the teeth and the acid in the berries spoils its enamel.


Dentists do not recommended to eat a fruit of pineapple or drink its juice very often as this exotic fruit contains citric acid which can increase tooth sensitivity. The positive argument regarding consuming a pineapple is that they do not stain them.


A range of useful fruits as oranges, lemons, tangerines and grapefruits can greatly damage the enamel with its acids. Consuming a large amount of oranges can increase the acidity amount in the mouth, which is quite harmful to the teeth. Moreover, consuming exotic citrus fruits and using whitening paste can greatly increase the sensitivity of teeth. Thus, acidic environment makes the enamel permeable and increases the sensitivity of the teeth. So if you feel that your teeth began to react to hot and cold products, then you need to reduce the consumption of oranges and drink citrus juice through a straw.

Here are 5 dental tips to keep your teeth healthy:

1. Observe the measurement of products that you consume. All listed products are not harmful until you observe the measurement of their consumption.

2. Do not eat hazardous products separately. Combine these type of products with the ones that clean the teeth of acid and neutralize its action: meat, cheese, bread, vegetables.

3. Use a straw to drink juices, coffee or alcohol.

4. Rinse your mouth after eating. However, you can brush your teeth after half an hour.

5. Do not eat at night. The saliva does not only help digestion processes but also protects the teeth from bacterias and other dental diseases. However, the amount of saliva falls by afternoon, so it is better to consume above-mentioned products in the morning time.

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