10 Reasons Why You Should Add Oats In Your Daily Menu

Oatmeal is one of the most popular type of english breakfast and actually there are a lot of reasons for it. Oats are healthy and quite tasty if you cook it right. So we have prepared 10 reasons why you should add oats in your daily menu.

It is easier to lose weight with oats

Oat has a lot of useful nutritional qualities. First of all, it contains beta-glucan (one of the fiber species). Beta-glucan provokes the production of hormone responsible for appetite. Thus, after morning oatmeal you have a feeling of a full stomach and it lasts more than 3 hours. As a result, it helps to avoid unnecessary harmful snacks and extra calories.

It decreases the blood pressure

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published the results of tests, according to which the effectiveness of oatmeal is similar to pills that reduce blood pressure. So, if you have problems with pressure, you should include porridge in your daily diet.

Oatmeal boosts your metabolism

As it was mentioned above oats are full of soluble fiber. It cuts cholesterol and blood fat. Moreover, your body digests the oats slowly, so it does not raise level of sugar in blood and makes you feel full longer than usual snacks. All these factors help your metabolism.

It detoxifies your body

It is clear from the previous paragraphs that oatmeal helps us to get rid of the “garbage”. Oats is actually unique product for detox. The fiber contained in oats is not only helpful for cleaning arteries from fat, but it also flushes all the toxins out.

Oatmeal helps to fight bad mood and insomnia

Thanks to soluble fiber you feel yourself full quite longer, however, it is also responsible for provoking production of happiness hormone. Furthermore, oatmeal will solve all your sleeping problems. Vitamin B6 contained in oats stimulates melatonin and serotonin production. The lack of these hormones usually leads to insomnia.

It controls level of cholesterol and sugar in blood

First of all, oats has a low satiety index, plus, soluble fiber has a positive impact on the sugar levels in your blood, if you eat it systematically. Also oatmeal regulates cholesterol level in your body.

Oatmeal protects your body from different viruses

Thanks to beta-glucan, you will have fewer chances to have a flue and etc. It actually trains your immune system and helps your body to use it natural defenses.

It decreases the risk of cancer development

Scientists from Holland and United Kingdom have found a link between fiber rich food and cancer risk. The research shows that fiber reduces the risk (10 grams of fiber reduces the risk by 10 %). Oatmeal contains a lot of fiber and it protects the body from free radicals.

Oatmeal improves your memory and concentration

Actually, it helps your brain and central nervous system to develop faster. Thus, the silicon contained in oats strengthens the neurons; carbohydrates give your brain energy and vitamin B1 stimulates blood circulation in your brain.

It is a great source of energy

Oatmeal is an ideal energy food containing all B vitamins, phosphorus, calcium, iron, magnesium, copper, potassium, sodium and fiber, which retain energy in the body for a long time.

As you can see oatmeal has a great amount of benefits, so try to add it to your daily menu and you will feel yourself much better. Eat porridge and be healthy 🙂 

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