5 Unobvious Reasons of Permanent Fatigue

You always go to bed on time and sleep without disturbing wake-ups and nightmares. But in the morning you feel yourself tired. Or your days have a slow rhythm without deadlines and hassle, however, you still feel yourself like a squeezed lemon. Do you want to understand why? Here are five unexpected reasons of your permanent fatigue.

You are ignoring physical activities


It does not matter if you are going to the gym or doing 25 minutes exercises at home. When you skip trainings for more time in bed, it can cause unpleasant consequences. One of them is permanent feeling of fatigue. Researches confirm that 20- minute physical activity in the morning provides strengths and productivity for the whole day. So if you have a sedentary lifestyle, try to add more physical activities in your day.

Messy desk

Only two words – mental exhaustion. Mess on your desktop is very distractive; the reason is that more objects you constantly keep in sight, it is harder for your brain to focus and filter the information it gets during the day. As a result, your brain is overstrained and you start feeling tired.

So, try to put all your things in particular order which is comfortable for you. You will notice the increasing of productivity and it will be easier to work in this atmosphere.

Irregular meals

It is not a secret that we should eat all our meals in time. However, sometimes we miss the lunch because of different deadlines or skip snacks trying to lose weight. But the problem is that food keeps our energy at the proper level, so if we do not eat, we lose strengths. How often do you come to work without having breakfast? Yes, very often. Then you try to wake yourself up with huge doses of coffee. As a result, no strength is added, but heart rhythm is increased.

When you skip lunch you deprive your body of necessary calories Moreover, there is permanent seduction to eat something fat for dinner. And usually we eat and eat a lot. After eating at night you will, obviously, have sleep problems. Stomach will have to digest all this food, so say goodbye to morning appetite.

Iron deficiency

Majority of scientists state that iron deficiency can cause weakness, feeling of fatigue, anger and inability to concentrate. Actually, this element is necessary for oxygen transporting to the cells and muscles. As a result, lack of iron in your body makes feel you tired all the time.

It is not necessary to buy special pills to increase level of iron in your body. Just add eggs, tofu, beans, nuts and beef to your menu. You can also combine these products with food which contains a high level of vitamin C. It will improve iron absorption.

You sleep a lot

Yes it sounds quite strange, but reducing the sleeping hours will help you to avoid permanent feeling of fatigue. The reason is that sleep quality is more important than its quantity. Sleeping too long increases the time it takes to fall asleep and it impacts on the overall quality of rest. In general, sleep at nights and do not lie too long in the mornings- additional rest will not add you energy.

There were reasons why you feel tired all the time. So if you follow all above-mentioned advice maybe it will help you to feel yourself better. Sleep well, do not skip your breakfast and stay healthy! 🙂

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