How Do Plastic Windows Affect Your Health?

the image of plastic window

Nowadays, wooden windows gradually began to go away in architecture sphere and plastic construction appeared instead. The dfference between wooden and plastic windows is their qualities. basically plastic windows are practical, multifunctional, provide excellent sound insulation properties and thermal insulation. However, people argue about using plastic windows in the construction of the buildings due to the fact that it can affect health.

What should you know about plastic windows.

1. Is it environmentally friendly or dangerous?

Polyvinyl chloride, from which plastic windows are made of, is a product that combines ethylene and chlorine. This is a substance of a synthetic series with the addition of various chemical compounds. For example, lead in the composition of plastic provides a smooth surface and the preservation of color gamma. However, lead does not affect the environmental properties of the product, as it is in the polymer in a “closed” passive status.

IMPORTANT! The polyvinyl chloride under 200 degrees releases toxic substances.

2. The effect of plastic on the microclimate.

Windows made of polymeric materials do not allow air to pass through them. Therefore, plastic windows prevent normal air circulation. Carbon dioxide levels increase when the room does not ventilation. On the other hand, if it comes to wooden windows, they are just as airtight as plastic windows.

You can easily solve an issue of microclimate by installing an air intake in plastic windows.

3. Light transmission.

Multi-pane windows reduce the flow of natural light by 30 percent. Therefore, multi-compartment windows should be selected only when urgently needed. For example: people can use it in the northern areas at very low air temperatures.

Instructions how to use plastic windows and keep your health in good condition.

  • Install high quality “green windows” in living quarters. They don’t content any lead additives and other harmful elements;
  • Install only those windows that are suitable for the climatic conditions of the region;
  • Do not choose multi-pane windows unnecessarily;
  • Install air supply ventilation system in plastic windows;
  • Follow the ventilation schedule.

Further, following these simple rules, you do not have to sacrifice comfort by choosing leaky wooden windows. At the same time you save health and good mood.


Thus, to conclude, plastic windows are not harmful to human health, even though they are made of polyvinyl chloride and may contain lead. It is better to choose a proven manufacturer and do not try to save on such an important element of the interior.

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