Is Gel Nail Polish Harmful for Nails and Health?

Every time we visit a beauty salon or do a manicure at home, we ask a question – Is gel nail polish harmful? Let’s learn the advantages and disadvantages of gel nail polish stated by the experts.

The first nail polish appeared in 1900 and by 1932 Charles Revson was able to derive the formula of a color resistant coating that had conquered the hearts of millions of women all over the world. It is the fact that at that time women did not think about the safety of nail polishes. In the beginning of 1980, scientists and cosmetologists have created an acrylic lacquer that was used to build long, sharp, predatory nails. Further, acrylic polish was successfully replaced with gel polish. It was a phenomenal discovery that made a revolution in the nail industry.

American company Creative Nail Design (CND) that is ran by Stuart Nordstrom was the first successful company to create this product. This maestro created a well-known shellac. Now you don’t need to repaint your nails every 2 days, suffer from chipping and tarnishing of the coating, because the formulae of shellac contains an excellent color and perfect durability. Undoubtedly, other manicure companies began developing their own lacquer formulas. So the Kodi and OPI were the first ones who followed this trend. It is important to remember that shellac and gel polish are not synonymous, although colloquially these two concepts are often confused. Undoubtedly, gel manicure is the most convenient way of long-term maintenance of the presentability of its fragile fingers. However is it really safe? Let’s learn details of this product.

Is gel nail polish harmful?

Does the nail polish spoil the nails? Every woman ask herself this question. It is not surprising, because one tiny bottle of gel nail polish contains literally the whole periodic table. Let’s analyze the detailed composition:

Solvents. These components are responsible for the hardening of nail polish. You probably think the UF or LED lamp light polymerizes the nails. Actually, solvent evaporates and leads to solidification and hardening of the nail surface;

Polymers. These elements are responsible for the resistance of the manicure. The prices of polymer materials and nail polishes depend on its quality.

Plasticizers. Generally, these components are designed to preserve the elasticity and plasticity of the nail cover;

Titanium dioxide. In fact, it is a pure white pigment that is added to almost every gel polish to emphasize the intensity of the original shade;

Camphor. This a natural plasticizer. Manufacturers started to remove this component from gel polish due to its allergic reactions caused after using. As you can see, each nail polish consists of a long list of components that have an important role.

Why gel nail polish is harmful?

Let’s analyze the myths about this product and decide which one to believe.

Gel nail polish desiccate nails.

No. In fact, nails become dry due to incorrect technology of their removal. In order to prevent the nail beds to be dried out, it is enough to take a short break after 2-3 coatings, filling it with vitamins and making medicinal herbal baths;

Gel nail polish harms the nails health.

In fact, gel nail polish doesn’t harm the healthy and strong nails, but can influence badly in case of dermatological or fungal infections of nail beds.

Drying nails under UF or LED lamps can cause skin cancer.

Basically, there is a risk of getting cancer being outside under the sun. The dose which you get when using UF or ELD lamps is not enough to spoil your epidermis. In order to avoid the overdose risk or other reasons, you can apply a protective UVA or UVB creams.

Gel nail polish doesn’t allow nails to “breathe”.

Gel nail polish doesn’t allow nails to “breathe” when it is applied. The fact is that the nails are a dead tissue that doesn’t require oxygen.

To sum up, it is worth to say that gel nail polish doesn’t spoil the nails and health and it is all about the myths. Therefore, you can hurry to implement original designs on your nails, try unusual textures and experiment with anything.

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