5 Best Examples of Unusual Approach To Business

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Are you open to new ideas, trying new things or looking at unusual ways of doing business? Now, technology continues to grow every day. Consequently, business people keep on employing innovative and crazy ways of doing business. As a result, there’s stiff competition in the market.

Thus, to keep your business on top of the line, you need to do a lot! Perhaps, you think you’re doing the best already. Or, you’re using all that the technology has to offer. However, to your surprise, many other entrepreneurs are doing the unimaginable!

The following 5 are some of the best examples of the unusual approaches to business you can find so far:

1. Pizza Delivered To Space


Pizza Hut is now the first organization in history to take pizza right to the pioneers in the outer space. The production and delivery of the “world’s first space-consumable pizza” was a collaboration between Russian food scientists and Pizza Hut.

Following months of rigorous experimentation, the Pizza Hut pizza became the only pizza ever delivered to people in space. In July 2000, the competition for space commercialization started as Pizza Hut became the world’s largest proton rocket company.

The unprecedented space sponsorship drive was part of the company’s substantial turnaround. This includes an over $500 million investment over five years. The investment was to make contemporary and upgrade Pizza Hut units throughout the globe.

2. Domino Pizza’s “Order by Tweet” service (Fooji)


The second unusual approach in our list is Domino’s Pizza. It became the first to surmount the Twitterverse. Domino’s Pizza allowed customers to order pizza by simply tweeting a pizza emoji into the Twitter account of the company.

But, does Domino’s Pizza guess what kind of pizza you want and where to deliver it? The original concept of Fooji was to allow customers to order all types of meals through corresponding emojis. After you had created an account, you had access to a variety of goodies.

A woman holding huge emoji They included 16 entree options plus eight desserts, eight sides, and eight drinks. However, what emojis outlined those options? Every week the Fooji team picked delicacies from nearby restaurants to render emojis. The contemporary Fooji App has metamorphosed into a professional marketing platform.

Actually, this lets customers get free commodities from alcohol to food to branded kits. Fooji creates a “call to action” with hashtags and emojis to assist fans to connect with brands on social media. The fans post them triggering and taking part in promotions. The luckiest enjoy a variety of gateways.

3. Monster Pet Supplies Food Delivery Service App for Pets


The Monster Pet Supplies Ltd. based the United Kingdom has come up with a “Pet Food Delivery App”. The App gives pet owners a fast and hassle-free shopping experience in ordering their pet’s food.

One can download this App through Google Play or the App Store. Part of the launch strategy of the company is an introductory 5 off the first shop. Then, the ability to earn an extra 10 off for sharing the App.

Referrers enjoy 5 after a friend, that also earns 5, checks out. There’s no restriction to the number of shares that a customer can make. Here, the company incentives users to share even widely.

4. Companies That Allow the Payments in Cryptocurrency


Bitcoin blockchain Among the biggest difficulties, which cryptocurrencies encounter, is gaining extensive adoption. The technology may be outstanding. Nonetheless, if people don’t or can’t actually utilize the tokens, the sector can never fulfill its potential.

Fortunately, many large companies are beginning to provide crypto payments. Some of them include Shopify, Dish, Microsoft, AirVPN, Subway, Newegg, Namecheap and Overstock among others.

What are the Advantages of this Unusual Approach?

Bitcoin blockchain, two coins resting on a laptop
David McBee

To begin with, it’s very easy to use. All you need is just an internet-enabled device. So, with the assistance of the device, you can create your wallet and utilize it whenever and wherever you’re.

Secondly, users enjoy the advantage of decentralization. This implies that the principal authority has no jurisdiction to define rules for coins owners. And even when some section of the network runs offline, the payment system is going to continue operating stably.

Next, you can utilize crypto internationally. The inter-country transaction is remarkably easy with cryptocurrency as its function isn’t under the authority of any central bank. In addition, no one can fake, copy spend the coins twice. These capacities ensure the integrity of the whole system.

There’s also low operational cost with crypto. When you transfer cryptocurrency, it’s not necessary to pay commission or fees to banks and other firms. Actually, it’s the buyer that pays the small fee. Further, you can perform unlimited transactions.

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TVaughn Bell

You can use your wallet to pay anyone, anywhere and also any amount. Nobody can control or prevent a transaction. Thus, you can do transfers anywhere all over the world. On top of that, you can also enjoy fast transactions.

With cryptocurrency, you don’t require waiting for days in order for your business to get the money. Cryptos are based on blockchain technology. It eliminates delays, payment of charges and a number of other 3rd party approvals which may be present.

Moreover, there’s transparency. Every transaction registers itself on the blockchain. This keeps the data about everything. In Cryptos, there’s no inflation. There’s a limitation to use and mine the coins. Therefore, neither political powers nor corporations are able to adjust this order.

5. Food Waste Apps

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Today, mobile Apps have become so popular. Food waste App is another unusual approach to business. Statistically, many people throw away tons of food every year. For that reason, it was likely that the invention of waste-reducing Apps would prevent these problems.

Generally, for smartphone users, these apps provide an avenue for them to give excess food away. They also help them to buy residue food at a subsidized amount helping restaurants to make profits.

Food waste

The Apps aren’t only on smartphones, but also on smart-watches and tablets. Food wastes Apps assist reduce the amount of food that goes on waste by customers, chefs and even restaurants. Some of these Apps include FoodCloud, UGO Fresh App, Karma and YumNow.


Clearly, you might be thinking that you understand it all, but you agree you actually don’t. Delivery of pizza in space, food waste Apps and payments by cryptos are some of the unusual approaches.

Today you know about them, tomorrow something new pops up. So, it’s up to you to keep yourself up-to-date on what’s going on in the world of business. Don’t remain behind!

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