Shocking Facts about Solarium

iThe solarium is a special tanning machine that produces ultraviolet radiation. The skin of the person produces melanocytes under the influence of its rays. There are different levels of tanning in accordance with the power and tan color that you choose.

In the era of cosmetology services development, solarium tendency is still popular among women and men. However, there are some indefinable myths and shocking facts about this procedure. Let’s list and sort out the existing facts about solarium.

Fact 1: the sun is no more harmful than tanning

Lamps emit 98% of the UVA spectrum. They generate 15 times more radiation than the sun. Rays have a direct effect on the skin and even the ozone layer, cloudiness, or any other factors cannot intervene in this process. For this reason, melanin, the pigment responsible for the golden hue of the skin, is produced faster in the solarium. You just need to visit the solarium and spend a couple of minutes rather than lying under the sun during a few hours. The results of researches dedicated to the topic “What does harm more: solarium or sun?” are very different. According to statistics of different oncologists: 170 tanning sessions in a tanning salon increases the risk of developing oncology by 50%. It turns out that visiting the solarium, even once a month during 15 years will count this 170 sessions.

It is important to note: sunscreens that you use on the beach are not suitable for tanning sessions. Specialists have created special tools for this procedure. In addition, it is very important to protect your hair because they lose moisture and become dry under the action of UV,. Use special glasses in order to prevent so-called “white blindness”. This is a disease when the sensitivity of your eyes increases.

Fact 2: Vitamin D is produced in solarium.

Unfortunately, most countries and cities have vitamin D deficiency. That’s why you can get it in the solarium. However, you can compensate it by walking for an hour under the sun despite the fact that you use sunscreen. When it comes to winter season, doctors recommend to take special medications. 

Fact 3: Your body may become addicted to tanning seasons.

Specialists state about a psychological disorder which is called tanorexia and characterize it with the obsessive need to be tanned regardless of the season. Mostly, the target of this disorder is teenagers under 25. In order to prevent the development of this disorder, some European scientists declared that tanning is forbidden for people under 18.

Tanorexia may cause your skin to become dry, dehydrated and rough. But people who suffer from this disorder do not care about the negative effects and continue to visit the solarium. Doctors recommend to visit psychotherapist in order to take actions and stop this addiction as soon as possible.

Fact 4: Solarium visitation has strict contradictions.

There is a row of diseases when tanning in solarium or under the sun is prohibited: diabetes, thyroid dysfunction, tuberculosis, some diseases of the cardiovascular system. In addition, specialists recommend to refrain from UV while taking certain medications such as hormonal drugs, antidepressants, and others.

Fact 5: No solarium visitations before sea season.

People believe that it is necessary to visit solarium before facing with “equatorial” sun in order to prepare skin. However, this is not true. When you visit the solarium, your body produces melanin which protects against UV. But it covers only first layers of the skin. Thus, you can replace this procedure with the 50 SPF cream.

To sum up, solarium visitation is a harmless when you do it wisely, but sometimes it may fraught with negative sides. Choose your own way to get tanned and stay healthy. 🙂

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