Natural Ways to Reduce Anxiety

There are a great amount of medicaments which can help you to handle nervousness and anxiety. However, this article will introduce several natural methods, so you will be able to support your mental health without any harm.

High-protein breakfast

We all know that breakfast is very important part of the day. The reason is that drop of glucose level in blood is usually accompanied by symptoms similar to anxiety. Thus, doctors recommend to eat at the scheduled time and start the day with high-protein breakfast in order to maintain a stable level of glucose.Try to add such products as nuts, fish, greens to your menu.

Regular exercises

Sport brings a lot of benefits to both physical and mental health. According to the findings of the American Association of Anxiety and Depression, regular exercises help to overcome stress. Moreover, even one active session (aerobics or weight training) helps to handle anxiety symptoms for several hours

B12, omega 3 and others

Vitamin D, B12, omega-3 and magnesium can help you to fight with anxiety. Consult with a specialist, buy vitamins and supplements. But do not forget about foods rich with all above-mentioned nutrients: salmon is an excellent source of vitamin D, vitamin B12 and omega-3; and green vegetables, beans, oatmeal and nuts contribute to the fight against magnesium deficiency

Essential oils

Essential oils helps to recover your sleep, get rid of stress and give you relaxation. Moreover, natural oils are usually used externally and for aromatherapy. Lavender and peppermint oils are especially good at decreasing stress. Different researches show that lavender oils affect certain neuroreceptors, triggering the same biochemical reactions in the body as some anti-anxiety pills.


Another way to bring yourself to a stable state is meditation. It is recommended to start your day with a minute of silence, concentrating on your breathing. It will help you to understand and gather all your thoughts together. If you live in megapolis you should try this type of meditation- combing steps and breathing. Inhale for five steps, and then exhale for eight or ten. It will also help to relax and avoid unnecessary stress.


Phytotherapy, the use of plant-derived medications in the treatment and prevention. However not every herbal remedy works for everyone in a positive way- allergies or unpredictable reactions are possible, so it is better to consult with your doctor

Healthy sleep

We all know the link between anxiety and insomnia: the areas of the brain that regulate emotions are very sensitive to lack of sleep. If you have trouble sleeping, herbs, supplements and practices recommended above will help.However, keep in mind that neither lavender oil nor magnesium capsules will give an immediate effect – but if you find a complex approach you will be surprised at how quiet, strong and confident you could be.

There were some practices and methods to reduce your anxiety naturally. However, if you have serious mental problems, it is better to consult a specialist. So do not be nervous and stay healthy 🙂

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