9 Simple Tricks to Eat Less

You have already eaten two burgers, fried potatoes and drunk it with wonderful milkshake, but still want something else? So this article is for you! We have prepared 10 simple tricks to fool your mind and eat a little bit less.

Eat in silence

Recent studies have shown that when we eat while we are listening to the music or watching TV we usually eat more. It happens because we get distracted. Moreover, your eating time will become longer if you are watching your favorite TV show, thus the probability to eat more than you need is quite high. Plus, it is harder to resist the temptation to eat something sweet or fat.

Walk before your meal

According to research of Scottish scientists, a walk in the fresh air before eating reduces feeling of hunger. The reason is the body saturation with oxygen. If you can’t walk, take a few deep breaths. If you are very motivated person you can do a little exercises, for example, slopes and squats or stretching.

Smell apple, banana or mint

Yes, it sounds suspicious. However, American nutritionists conducted a study on the relationship between flavors and appetite and found out that those who smelled apples, bananas or mint before eating eventually ate less. As a result, it was easier to lose weight for them. More than 3000 people took part in this experiment.

Pay attention to the color

It was proven that blue color helps to reduce appetite. But red, orange and yellow, on the contrary, awaken the feeling of hunger. Therefore, we recommend you always wear a blue dress at the dinners or family parties. It is also useful to have a blue tablecloth and dishes at home.

Remember your childhood

Buy yourself a set of children’s dishes. It is hard to overeat with a small plate and small spoon. As a result you will get used to small portions. But the main is thing is not to run for extra portion too often

Listen to your body

Listen to the signals of your body: eat when you feel hungry and stop immediately as soon as you feel full. If you do not feel hunger, do not go to lunch for a company or because it is a lunch time.

Try to enjoy your food

Do not punish yourself, do not starve and do not eat tasteless food. Leave some sweets and fried meat in your diet if you like it. Just tell yourself that you will eat it a little bit less and only once a week. Find recipes for tasty and healthy dishes – all kinds of seafood and salads with olive oil.

Sleep well

For 15 years, American scientists monitored 68,000 patients and concluded that those who sleep 5-6 hours a day are more prone to obesity than those who sleep 7-8 hours. Therefore, if you want to lose weight, go to bed early and avoid too heavy dinners.

Brush your teeth after food

Is your dinner over? Go to the bathroom and brush your teeth. Then you do not want to eat again before bedtime.

So there were several advice to help you eat less, but again do not starve, it is very harmful for your health and if you think that you have unhealthy appetite or even eating disorders you should immediately consult the doctor. Eat healthy and stay beautiful 🙂

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