6 Before Bed Routines to Sleep Better

sleep better

Sleep is very crucial: it protects your physical and mental health and gives you both quality life and a feeling of personal safety. Better sleep plays an important role in the following processes:

  • Stimulating growth and repairing tissues in children, involving growth hormones
  • Maintaining and improving the strength of the immune system
  • Restoring memory and controlling brain functioning
  • Controlling your energy use and body temperature
  • Nourishing the blood vessels and the heart

Here I hope you will find useful tips for yourself how to sleep better based on a routine you take before you go to bed.

1. Prepare for the following day

Preparing schedule for tomorrow will help you excessive worries
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Write down a list of duties you will do tomorrow or get your clothes and items ready for the following day. Preparing early enough for the following day will make you feel more confident knowing you are set. It will also help save time in the last minute and reduces your stress over thinking of things you might forget in rush in the morning.

2. Stretch

Stretching helps your muscles to get rid of waste products and toxic substances thus relaxing your body.
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Spending a few minutes stretching and focusing on your inner self will help to increase the flow of blood in the muscles. This helps your muscles to get rid of waste products and toxic substances. Better blood circulation can help shorten the recovery time in case of injuries of the muscles.

Stretching also gives better posture because it keeps the muscles from getting tight, and allows you to preserve a good posture. Good posture can reduce discomfort and keep pain and ache at a minimum. Stress is often accompanied with tense muscles so when you stretch, it relaxes the tight muscles giving you a good night sleep.

3. Have a cup of tea

Warm herbal tea helps cool down the body by evaporating the extra water. This helps drop body's temperature thus signaling the brain that it is time for sleep.
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Tea is better than coffee, coffee is more like a stimulant and it will keep you more awake when you drink it before sleep. Therefore, caffeinated tea should be avoided at night but drinking herbal tea before you sleep can be a really great thing. Herbal tea can be made by sleep supplements that help you sleep. Taking them as tea is much better than taking them individually because they have some awful taste like the valerian root which is quite stinky when ingested alone.

Taking a warm cup of tea before bed copies the effect of taking a warm bath before sleeping. The hot or warm tea ends up cooling down the body as it evaporates the extra water. This causes a drop in body temperature thus signalling the brain that it is time for sleep.

4. Make yourself comfortable

sleep better
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You should start preparing your bed by getting a comfortable mattress which supports your body in shape. Also, comfortable sheets should be of good size that can cover you really well. Have a nice scented room that you enjoy. You may also like to set up lighting in your room to a more dimmed light. However, research suggests that you should better sleep without any light interrupting you.

You also may try making the room cooler. Note that temperatures of between 60 and 67 Fahrenheit are always better for sleep. Taking a shower could also help in to clean and warm you up – and remove allergens. A warm bath will help soften skin and let the skin pores breath easily. Make sure you wear comfortable clothes like the pyjamas and socks that will not make you sweat or make you get cold feet.

5. Do your skin care procedure

Make skincare procedures to let your body get rid of toxins, oils and dust
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The skin should be cleaned to remove all the makeup and clean the oils that may have gathered on your face. Exfoliation can be very important in that it helps in the removal of the dead skin cells and the dust that has built up. In this procedure, it is recommended to use products that are not harsh on the skin – the ones that can lightly get rid of dead skin cells. After the exfoliation and the cleansing, you should apply a serum to help you get nourished and heal the skin. Finally, you can hydrate your body by using the moisturizer which helps the skin not dry out.

6. Calm your mind down

Keeping your electronics away from you before sleep helps to calm down and fall asleep faster, sleep better
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People have different ways to do this so it varies from person to person. One major thing that is suggested for all is putting away the electronics because they have the ability to keep on active at night and make you lack that better sleep. It is, therefore, better if you could contemplate or opt to read books that will help in calming down your mind.

So, would you like to enjoy a night of better sleep? Well, very simple! You just need to practise some healthy before-bed routines to sleep well.

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