6 Most Effective Facial Massage Types

Nowadays, medicine and cosmetology spheres are developing year by year and introducing new products and procedures for people. Considering the fact that people pay much attention to their appearance, they choose to prevent aging and care about their beauty and health. Most people under 35 go to the surgeon and ask to do botox injection in order to beautify their facial and skin. But this is not the best decision to take some radical decisions, due to the fact that our bodies can fight with problems using its resources. However, the body needs the proper treatment in order to be able to fight. The perfect treatment includes cosmetic products such as anti-aging creams, serums, tonics and the face-building massage.

Let’s list six most effective facial massage types that can help to fight against aging and to get rid of other problems.

1. Classical massage.

This is one of the most common and simple types of massage that you can easily practice at home. It is an excellent anti-aging tool.

If you have turned 25 or your skin is prone to dryness, it’s time to include this massage in your beauty program. The main component of classical massage is broad movements in the direction of the lymph flow.

Move gently from nose to ears, massage your forehead from center to temples, and the area around your mouth is strictly clockwise. The neck should be stroked upwards in the direction from the chest to the chin. The number of repetitions of various movements depends on different factors: age or skin condition. On average, the number of repetitions should be about 4-5, the duration of the massage session is from 7 to 15 minutes.

Systematic skin care and a periodic massage of the face and neck provide the greatest effect.

Usually cosmetologists advise to conduct 2 courses of massage per year. Each course consists of approximately 20-25 procedures.

2. LPG massage.

This vacuum massage technique is equally effective in comparison with manual massage. Moreover, LPG massage will provide elasticity to the skin, improve turgor, smooth out the wrinkles and help to get rid of swelling. at the end of the course. In addition, LPG-massage stimulates the production of collagen, and thus helps to maintain youth.

The essence of the method is in high-frequency stimulation combined with vacuum, which allows to achieve excellent results in the shortest time. Each movement of the machine produces three-dimensional stimulation of the skin. Vertical, longitudinal and transverse plates restore the skeleton of the skin, improve microcirculation, activate metabolic processes in the connective, muscle and subcutaneous fatty tissues. After the first session, the massage will demonstrate the “memory effect” when the skin “remembers” and begins to reproduce the processes started during the procedure.

The procedure lasts about half an hour. Cosmetologists recommend to complete a course of 10-15 procedures every 2 days.

3. Ultrasound massage.

Ultrasound perfectly affects the skin, returning its youth, eliminating traces of stress. At the same time, it increases the effectiveness of other cosmetic procedures. Ultrasound performs the function of facial skin micro-massage at the cellular level. In other words, it is a massage for each cell of the skin.

Short waves are able to penetrate into a depth of 7 mm, while the cells are compressed and then relaxed, which results in a massage effect. Ultrasound has practically no contraindications and is an absolutely painless procedure. It is a good complement to any other cosmetic procedure.

The procedure lasts about 30 minutes. The course consists of 5-10 procedures. Specialists recommend to do it at lunchtime because there will be a great opportunity to take a nap in the middle of the working day after the procedure.

4. Massage with brush.

A brushing massage helps to improve not only face condition, but the whole body condition too. The therapist can help your body to relax touching only your face with jade rollers, brushes and fingers,

This massage type affects the muscular, articular, vascular and nervous systems. Thus, it improves the microcirculation of the blood, accelerates metabolic processes and eliminates toxins. It provides freshness and glow of the the facial skin.

5. Massage with ice.

You can easily practice this massage type at home. All you need for this procedure is ice cubes. It’s great if you use not water, but a healing herbal infusion for ice cubes. For example, chamomile perfectly relieves inflammation, soothes the skin.

Ice massage strengthens the skin, improves skin tone and turgor. However, there are some important details about this type of the massage in spite of its simplicity. For example, you need to move ice cube only along the massage lines and do not overstay on one point in order not to overcool the skin. In addition, it is very effective to hold the skin along the wrinkles with other hand, so that it does not move.

For one massage session you will need about 2-3 ice cubes. After the procedure, you can make a hot compress and then rinse your face with cool water.

6. Shiatsu.

Shiatsu is one of the most ancient methods of oriental medicine. This massage is primarily aimed at restoring and maintaining human energy.

The essence of the method is to press on certain biologically active points. Pressing is done gently, without displacement and rubbing of tissue, the finger is perpendicular to the massaged area. There are several methods of shiatsu: soft, light pressure without jerks for 3-5 seconds on a point and pressure for 5-10 seconds on a point.

You can purchase a book on Shiatsu and can practice it at home independently. The book will provide the information about the points of the body and face. There are quite a few points on the face, pressing on which you can look younger, lose weight, remove slags, and improve your general well-being.

In general, it is very important to take care of your skin and body as early as possible. The technologies can make you get the fast effect. However, then your skin may demonstrate undesirable results after some time. That’s why, try to use as much as possible of manual techniques or organic methods to prevent aging and to get rid of facial problems.

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