9 Beauty Life Hacks For Long-Haul Flights

Dry air, pressure fluctuations, uncomfortable position of the body…sometimes flights may cause a significant damage to your health and beauty. However, you cannot fully refuse from traveling and business trips. So, there are simple tips to decrease the level of harm on the 10,000 meters height.

  1. The air on board is very dry, so using sprays and moisturizers is not just pointless, but harmful. It is better to put the cream before your flight. Moreover, you can prepare skin for the flight the day before you will leave: make a light peeling, then put a nourishing mask and moisturize your face with a cream. The same ritual (only without peeling) should be repeated when you arrive.
  2. If you have a long flight, we recommend you to make a nourishing hair mask. It will also be good if you apply oil and braid your hair. You can also knit a silk scarf on it. It will be useful for your hair and will also look stylish and beautiful.
  3. Do not forget to take an antiseptic hand gel. Table, armrests, handles of toilet rooms are far from perfect cleanliness. Cleanse your face with tonic with anti-inflammatory components (extract of calendula, chamomile, etc.), and in the hotel take a bath with lavender or eucalyptus oil. You can also take pills to strengthen the immune system
  4. Stewardesses claim that it is necessary to put a makeup on the airplane — it is a kind of skin protection from bacteria and dry air in the cabin. For the flight, use a light foundation and concealer. It is better if it is a tinted moisturizer or BB-cream (which is basically the same thing).
  5. It is better to use natural makeup when you travel. Put a little blush, eyebrows gel to make them look better and lip balm. You should avoid putting mascara on your eyelashes, there is a risk that it will crumble because of the dry air.
  6. Food on the plane is poorly digested, and besides, it is usually not tasty at all. So try to eat at home. The best option is meat / fish with vegetables or scrambled eggs. You can eat nuts, dried fruit on the airplane.
  7. Taking off and landing can cause undesirable reactions in your digestive system. So do not overeat before the flight, give up too fat and spicy foods. Fruit drink, tomato juice or tea with lemon can decrease the load on your vestibular system.
  8. Caffeine provokes a feeling of fear; do not allow you to relax and sleep. So, if you’re afraid of flying, replace black tea and coffee with herbal tea with chamomile, vervain or draining drinks.
  9. When you will be packaging, it is important to remember a few “not allowed”. It is forbidden to carry any liquids, gels and creams in bottles of more than 100 ml in size (various testers and, as well as funds in travel-formats will come to the rescue). In addition, you should avoid suffocating perfumes, essential oils and other products with strong smell. They can cause irritation or even allergies of other passengers.

There were the most important things to follow if you fly a lot. Take care of your skin and hair, eat right food and drink more. Hopefully, it will be useful for you! Stay healthy and beautiful 🙂

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