It is great to be smart and intelligent, but unfortunately or luckily it does not happen overnight. Some people have more abilities, others less, however they all should train themselves constantly. Management, business, art… it does not matter, because smart people challenge themselves everyday. Yes, it is not easy, but it is worth it. Here is a list of habits that will help you to increase the level of your IQ.

Ask questions

Do not take everything on faith and do not immediately agree with what you are told: ask, google, look for the truth – it is near. The main problem of modern world is not an ignorance, but the illusion of knowledge. Questions and sincere curiosity will translate information you get into better and deeper level. For example, you will not only know what is global warming, but its reasons and what should we do to prevent it.

Read as much as possible

Make it your habit! We are talking about serious reading, not celebrity gossips and online lists. Books, educational magazines, longreads on sites will be great. Read! Even if it’s just part of a chapter, follow your personal reading schedule and your intellect will be developed. And, by the way, scientists recommend to read in the mornings, so you will get much more information

Find out what motivates you

Let the brain use the resources it likes. Find a format that fascinates you and, as a result, stimulates the development of intellectual skills – whether it would be podcasts, video tutorials or newspapers.

Communicate with smart people.

It is not necessary that they should be smarter than you, it’s important that they always have interesting things to discuss. Intellectuals already know how to train their brain, so spending time with them is very useful, not only to learn from them, but to borrow their study approach

Take time to think.

We are all easily distracted from one thing to another without properly understanding the true essence of the information received. Try to take pauses for thinking about acquired knowledge; this is an important part of the learning process.

Remember that all experts were beginners at first

With every opportunity to learn new things you become smarter. Trust the constant flow of knowledge – life will never get tired of teaching us, unless, of course, you want to learn.

Train not only your mind, but also the body

While focusing on the development your brain, do not forget about proper nutrition and sport. Brain and your body always work in close cooperation. You will not be able to develop yourself if you have particular health problems

Write your ideas

Get a notebook or an account on a service like Evernote to write / sketch ideas that come to mind – preferably daily. Write down the craziest projects – creativity inspires you to think in new ways. Regularly review your ideas and edit if you want. It is quite possible that one day it will be time to implement them.

Replace TV with online education

Use your free time for something more useful than hanging up in social networks or watching different TV shows. The Internet is full of amazing learning tools to develop the brain, career and life in general – choose your own courses, lessons, tests, programs and developmental practices.

Apply new knowledge

It makes no sense to learn anything if you do not plan to put it into practice. So, if you are learning new language, try to talk and write more, communicate with other people and you will see how your abilities will grow.

So, there were the simplest ways to develop your brain. Try it, use it and you will get results sooner when you think! Stay smart, beautiful and healthy!

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