10 Reasons Why Should Go Swimming


Physical activity is a necessary component of the complete life of every person. Swimming is one of the most effective, useful and affordable sports. Regular classes in the pool contribute to the physical and psychological development of the person. Moreover, almost everyone can go to swim despite such factors as age, weight and financial condition.

NYBH will introduce you with top 10 reasons to start exercising in the pool:

1) Swimming strengthens muscles.

Swimming affects many muscle groups. Classes in the pool will help you to strengthen and develop your body shape. The most intense effect occurs on the muscles of the shoulders and back. The combination of swimming and training in the gym will help to achieve impressive results in a short time.

2) Swimming help to lose weight.

Women encourage themselves to go swimming in chase of losing weight. Swimming activates a large number of muscles, which burns a huge amount of calories. Especially if classes are held in cold water.

3) Swimming improves the condition of joints.

The body immersed in water considerably relaxes. This reduces the load of the musculoskeletal system. At the same time aqua fitness classes will help to move properly, improving and strengthening the condition of many joints of the body.

4) Swimming has a positive effect on blood composition.

The number of blood form elements (such as hemoglobin, erythrocytes) increases when person dives into the water. Thus, there is a temporary change in blood composition, which simplifies the process of swimming and makes this activity easier for the organism.

5) Swimming improves lung condition.

Swimming makes a person to breathe more intensively, due to the fact that lungs are more ventilated. Moreover, areas that are not involved in everyday life are also a subject to be developed. Thus, a person can reduce the risk of lung diseases.

6) Swimming help to make a recovery of the body.

Doctors recommend most people after suffering serious injuries to practice swimming in order to restore the body. There are training programs in the pool, which will restore the condition of the muscles and joints.

7) Swimming encourages development of intellectual activity.

Swimming process makes a body to breath more and correctly. Therefore, lungs consume more oxygen. This fact directly affects the intellectual activity of the human brain. Moreover, it is necessary to maintain the coordination of many muscle groups.

8) Swimming relives stress.

Swimming will help you cope with stress and nervous excitement. Cool water balances the nervous system. Swimming helps to fall asleep easily, increases attention and improves memory.

9) Swimming strengthens the immune system.

Water treatments perfectly strengthen the immune system.

10) Swimming sessions allow you to find friends.

Playing sports usually means making good friendship relationships. You can make new friends who are interested in sports as swimming and follow a healthy lifestyle as you are!

Common swimming styles.

The fact is that people have different tastes and objectives. Thus, NYBH has listed out the most common swimming styles for different purposes.

  1. Front Crawl. Coaches and doctors recommend this stroke mostly for fitness swimmers as it helps to develop speed swimming.
  2. Breaststroke. Being one of the slowest swimming techniques, break-stroke is recommended for beginners in swimming. In addition, according to doctors, this stroke is really helpful for people who have breathing issues.
  3. Butterfly Stroke. Most people consider butterfly stroke as a spectacular swim stroke that is quite fun to swim.
  4. Backstroke. Doctors frequently advise patients suffering from back problems to swim backstroke, because it allows to relax and strengthen the back muscles.

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