15 Useful Tips to Stop Sugar Addiction

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Most people promise themselves to stop eating harmful products by the beginning of new year, starting from Monday or the 1st day of the month. However, it takes a long time and proper strategy to stop eating food that harms the health. That’s why, NYBH magazine have made a list of tips that will help you to reduce the amount of sweets and finally to cope with sugar addiction.

1. Read the labels.

If 100 grams of the product contains more than five grams of sugar or it is listed among the first three ingredients, then refuse to buy that product.

2. Survive the sugar “withdrawal”.

It is difficult to survive during first 3-4 days. Then, the body adjusts to the lack of sugar in the diet and stops responding to cookies, chocolate and other sweets. After surviving the first few days without sugar, you can get rid of addiction forever.

3. Eat on a regular basis. 

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Try to eat every four hours and constantly drink water, because the first reaction of the body to hunger is to eat fast carbohydrates, for example, a sweet bun. There is no chance of a breakdown if you do not experience hunger.

4. Reduce the amount of sugar.

If you find it difficult to abandon this product, then try to reduce its amount. Instead of the two tablespoons of sugar in your tea, add only one. After just one week later your body will get used to it.

5. Study the negative effects of sugar on the body.

There are a lot of movies and videos on the internet which may help you to understand the danger of sweet prducts consumption and will help to motivate to fight with your sugar addiction.

6. Stop consuming soda drinks.

Sweet drinks are very insidious product, because one small can of soda contains about ten teaspoons of sugar. It is better to prepare a healthy homemade lemonade or iced tea with agave syrup.

7. Learn how to cook homemade desserts.


Doctors and nutritionists recommend to cook sweets at home for people who are not ready to abandon their favorite desserts. Look for interesting recipes of desserts without sugar and replace them with ordinary cakes.

8. Buy basic products and make them sweet.

For people who like yogurt with flavors, it is better to make homemade natural yogurt by adding honey, berries and fruit pieces. It is tastier and much healthier.

9. Replace sugar with spices.

Cooking homemade cakes or a delicious dessert is quite simple. You can replace sugar with cinnamon, nutmeg or vanilla. It will help to improve your health and will provide intense taste.

10. Find an alternative.

The usual refined sugar can always be replaced by more useful products. The choice of sugar alternatives can be honey or agave syrup, stevia or coconut sugar.

11. Reduce your intake of simple carbohydrates.

The most popular carbohydrates are a cake, a candy, milk, etc.  Any refined and starchy food quickly increases your blood pressure, followed by a breakdown, which causes an uncontrollable desire to eat something sweet. The best option to solve this issue is to reduce the amount of that products.

12. Control your emotions.

The main reasons why we abuse sweets consumption is poor appetite, stress and fatigue. That’s why, it is very important to track the moments when you feel that you want to eat sweets, check your emotional background and try to solve an existing problem. This habit will help to control your sugar consumption and help to get rid of sugar addiction.

13. Learn to have fun.

Sugar is a product that can easily improve your mood. Try to find another way to relax and have fun without eating. Sports, good music or an interesting movie are the best alternatives to feel yourself better.

14. Encourage yourself. 

A human body has a tendency to react both physically and emotionally. Thus, it is very important to encourage your body with a cup of ice cream or a chocolate bar by scheduling a cheating day. This stimulation will develop useful habit and will help to reduce the amount of products in your food ration.

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