5 Major Diseases That Occur in Summer

Summer is an excellent time to relax your body and your mind. Most people spend summer holidays abroad. Despite the beautiful destinations and delicious cuisine, people have negative impressions after the holidays. The main reasons of these impressions are disappointment and health issues. NYBH Magazine will examine top 5 diseases that you get during summertime. 

Cardiovascular diseases

Exhausting heat is not useful even for a healthy heart. It pumps blood in an accelerated mode. This leads to the fact that the pulse quickens and the pressure increases. Due to dehydration, the blood thickens, becomes less saturated with oxygen, it can provoke hypoxia, fainting, heart attacks and strokes.

Recommendations: take medications prescribed by your doctor regularly. In addition,  always carry nitroglycerin. Limit physical activities in hot weather. Wear a hat. Reduce your intake of fatty foods, avoid dehydration and drink water. Be careful with water procedures — cold water is dangerous for those who are prone to vascular spasm.


Solar radiation, hot weather and excess iodine (which can occur at sea) lead to increased thyroid activity. The increased production of hormones serves as a trigger for the emergence of hyperthyroidism, the symptoms of which are a constant feeling of heat and sweating, mood swings, rapid heartbeat, weight loss with increased appetite, constant thirst, frequent urination, hair loss.

Recommendations: go outside as less as possible and consult a doctor in order to get a proper treatment of this serious disease.

Aero-otitis and barotitis

If you do not want to be sick and get aero-otitis, never go on a flight with a slight runny nose or aggravation of allergies. You may get the risk of infection from the nasopharynx in the middle ear due to the fact that your pressure changes significantly during takeoff and landing.

The first symptoms include depression of hearing and pain in the ears. To prevent this situation, drip vasoconstrictor drops (galazolin, sanorin, naphazoline) into the nose before the flight. Barotitis occurs when people do not know how to dive or dives having common flu.

Recommendations: make swallowing movements during diving, it will help to stabilize the pressure all over the body. Moreover, ff you have chronic otitis media, put cotton swabs lubricated with vaseline into ears before going to swim.


People who spend a lot of time near the air conditioner are tend to have this disease. After waking up, those people find that the muscles ache, as after intense physical work, it is impossible to touch them, the movement of pain increases and muscle weakness increases.

Recommendations: lie down and let the muscles rest, massage and warm the body, take anti-inflammatory infusions

Insect bites

Bites of mosquitoes, bees, wasps, horseflies, hornets, bumblebees are fraught with toxic reactions. Thus, there may be strong local reactions (swelling, redness, enlarged lymph nodes) and toxic reactions (nausea, vomiting, chills, joint pain), headaches, vomiting, fever, suffocation, loss of consciousness.

Recommendations: everything depends on what kind of actions were taken immediately after the bite.

First of all, you need to remove the sting, delete the poison from the wound, to stop its spread above the wound, put a medical tourniquet and take an antihistamine drug. In order to prevent the insect bites,  avoid places where stinging insects live and use repellents. If you are bitten by a tick, each of which can be a carrier of dangerous diseases, you need to see a doctor, even if you think that everything is in order.

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