5 Untreatable Diseases You Can Easily Pick Up While Traveling


Nowadays, millions of people suffer from frightening diseases every year. Most of those people are ordinary tourists, who came from countries where people have only theoretical framework regarding scary diseases. The fact that scares people is that they do not have enough information to prevent and cure a disease. Let’s learn more about the most popular diseases all over the world that people catch while traveling.

Dengue fever

Scientists characterize this disease as the most infectious disease that affects about 400 million people annually cause of death. There is no cure to fight with this disease in the world. Doctors can treat the existing symptoms of these disease by consuming a huge amount of water and vitamins. In addition, doctors recommend to go to the hospital and do not recommend to do any psychical activities. By the way, this disease does not allow a person to make a step due to the high temperature, nausea, cough, weakness and bloody vomiting.

Dengue fever is common in Sri Lanka, the Caribbean, Latin America, the Islands of Oceania, India and Central Africa. Unlike most other diseases, which can be infected mainly in rural areas and in nature, dengue fever can be easily picked up in cities. Humans are the source of the disease, while monkeys and mosquitos are vectors of the diseases. Therefore, do not allow any insect or animal to bite you. There are a lot of means of protection from these biting flies. If you are already bitten and you feel a strange ailment, immediately consult a doctor as the treatment should be carried out as quickly as possible. In addition, avoid alcohol, aspirin and ibuprofen.

Drug-resistant tuberculosis

People from developed countries consider tuberculosis as a “disease of the past”, owing to the developed medicine and vaccination. However, the rest of the world does not have that knowledge and technology. The gravity of this problem is so great that scientists rank it as the second most infectious disease that cause mortality. Nowadays, doctors are able to treat conventional tuberculosis, while they cannot take any important actions to treat drug-resistant tuberculosis, which is very widespread in India, Africa and Russia. Unfortunately, most people who suffer from drug-resistant tuberculosis do not recover after the disease.

You can easily get infected with tuberculosis as it is transmitted by airborne droplets and through “dirty” objects. Therefore, doctors advise not to visit the slums, wash hands and not to eat unwashed vegetables and fruits.

Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A also known as Botkin’s Disease affects the liver. You can catch this disease while eating. The symptoms are simple and characterized by pain in the region of the liver, mild fever, nausea, pain in the joints. Scientists did not any cure for the disease. However, people can get a vaccine before visiting South-East Asia. The best advice for travelers is to examine the information about the area where they are going to visit and avoid eating street food and drinking water.

Chikungunya virus

This is the another disease transmitted by mosquitoes. The interesting fact is that this virus was initially spread only in Africa and Asia, but people start to notice the disease in the United States and Europe in recent years. There is no vaccine and cure for the disease. That’s, why it is very important to beware of mosquitoes. Symptoms of the chikungunya are fever and very severe pain in the joints. You can get sick for several months or even years.

Yellow fever

Another disease that can be caught in Africa and South America. Infection occurs with a mosquito bite. The symptoms of the disease are extremely unpleasant: starting from high temperature and ending up with bleeding of kidney and liver damage with concomitant hepatitis. The most trivial symptoms are persistent severe headache, muscle pain and nausea. The main visible symptom is yellow color of the skin. You can easily protect your health by getting vaccinated.

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