Conchos sinkhole in Portugal

Conchos sinkhole in Portugal

When visiting Portugal, there are lots of things that you can do while on travel. Thus, you can enjoy numerous beaches, warm waters and various coves. Other beautiful destinations include stone-built villages, charming towns and modern cities. In fact, in each destination a tourist can explore historical places, museums,  monasteries, and castles. Among the popular top-visited attractions, Portugal captures some of the isolated ares, or better say hidden pearls. Thus, there is one of the most exciting places that has attracted the attention of many tourists, researchers, and the media. Do you have an idea of where am talking about? Yes, that’s Conchos sinkhole lake in Portugal. Due to its unusual appearance, the sinkhole looks like a port to another dimension. Let’s find out more about this marvelous place.

The origin of Conchos Sinkhole in Portugal

The origin of this sci-fi like sinkhole is pretty logical. In fact, Conchos sinkhole is a part of a hydro-electric dam which was created in 1955. Therefore, Conchos sinkhole is a result of human engineering. When you see the water swirling, it seems like it goes to the center of the earth. However, the explanation is much simpler. The water goes through the funnel.

The funnel, in turn, serves the role of water diversion from Ribeira das Naves to Lagoa Comprida. Thus, this sinkhole supplies the nearby communities  with fresh water. However, because of absence of other constructons around, it seems like the sinkhole is a natural wonder, but not the part of a dam system. Thanks to the plants growing around the whole, the hole view is even more natural. 


The Conchos dam was not popular due to its location, whih is far from any big city. The surrounding areas are uninhabited, therefore it was not well-known place. However, in 2016, several photos of the sinkhole became really popular.

Conchos sinkhole in Portugal

Advices on visiting the Conchos dam

If you would like to witness yourself this incredible man-made wonder, visit Serra da Estrela Natural park. Interestingly, Conchos sinkhole is difficult to reach and it takes long to get there. Therefore, we recommend to take plenty of water and food. Moreover, do not forget to wear comfortable shoes. Besides, waterproof jacket might be really useful.

It is not advisable to visit Conchos sinkhole in the winter. Weather conditions and the soil make the environment in this area not really pleasant. As we have mentioned, the place is difficult to reach. Therefore, make sure to have a hat and sunscreen cream. In addition, the path is not straight. You have to climb or walk along 30cm damn wall.

Conchos sinkhole in Portugal
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Serra da Estrela Natural park

The Conchos sinkhole is not the only interesting sightseeing in the park. In fact, Serra da Estrela is worth visiting for many other reasons. First of all,  this is the first natural parks in Portugal. It occupies a considerable territory of 101 thousand hectares. Interestingly, the park is the biggest protected territory in the country. 

Second of all, the park’s isolation makes this place really magnificent.  Here, tourists can witness distinguishing flora and fauna. In fact, this is a natural habitat for many species. 

Beside the rich flora and fauna, there is a diverging landscape.  Therefore, there are numerous ways for interesting amusement. You can simply have a calm walk, enjoying the nature and taking photos of yours. Or you might get involved into extreme way of entertainment. For example, choose climbing or try off-road BTT routes. 

Conchos sinkhole in Portugal
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In addition to that, there is a special Interpretation center. Here, anyone can have an excursion and get acquainted closer with the local flora and fauna. Though, this is not the only thing that you can do in this center. Within its main goals are promotion of tourism in this region and helping the tourists to get the most of their trip. Therefore, this is the best start of learning the unique environmental heritage in Serra da Estrela.


Surely, traveling abroad is a fascinating idea. Though, when you know where you’re going and what to expect, the journey becomes even more interesting. By visiting the Natural park of Portugal, nature-lovers will dive into the atmosphere of isolation and pure nature. Moreover, they will see the incredible attraction of that area the Conchos sinkhole lake. 

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