We all want to be beautiful and healthy, so how can we achieve that? There are 6 books that help you to figure out what the beauty actually is, how it depends on our health or habits and why mental health is also important

The Longevity Book by Cameron Diaz and Sandra Bark

First, Cameron wrote The Book of the Body, which was more like a textbook on biology – only written in a very clear language. In this book Cameron talked about everything related to the healthy and proper functioning of the body: amino acids, vitamins, organs, sports, sex, proper nutrition. So this book became a bestseller and actress immediately wrote the second part. The Longevity Book is a story about aging and all related things: from menopause to gray hair and wrinkles. Cameron talks about easily and encourages every woman to forget about stereotypes and just enjoy life at any age. Her books are actually very useful.

Why we sleep by Matthew Walker

“Do you think you had enough sleep last week? Can you remember the last time you woke up not because of an alarm clock and feeling fresh without coffee? If the answer to at least one of these questions is no, then you are not alone. Two-thirds of the adult population of all developed countries do not receive the recommended eight hours of sleep. ” This is how a book begins, it is not just reminds about the importance of healthy sleep. It tells about the strong dependence between sleep and health, beauty, professional activities and the quality of life in general. The main conclusion: all you need to become smarter, more attractive and happier is a good sleep.

The Beauty Myth by Naomi Wolf

This book is bestseller in many countries. It is more about your inner beauty, which is much more important than physical. “The Beauty Myth” is about the destruction of stereotypes and standards, the fight against complexes, the path to inner freedom. The author calls the beauty standards a dictator and asks women from all over the world to overthrow it.

The Honest Life by Jessica Alba

This is a good gift and great decoration for your bookshelf. On the pages of this book Hollywood actress Jessica Alba tells why she stoped shooting in the movies. Now, her main priorities are own company Honest Beauty, raising a child and home improvement. Jessica is studying the composition of wall paints, sofa fillers, labels on baby food and cosmetics and shows results in her book. If you want to change your lifestyle for a more conscious take this book in your hands and read it

Goop Clean Beauty by Gwyneth Paltrow

Another book of Hollywood celebrity. Gwyneth has a similar path with Jessica Alba: she also refused to shoot in order to develop her own company- Goop. This book is about proper nutrition. The actress shares her favorite recipes for salads and desserts and tells why it is important to save your diet from certain ingredients. She also writes about yoga, cosmetics and provides very simple advice for personal care

The Age Fix by Anthony Youn

This is a book of a plastic surgeon talking about the rejection of plastic surgery. Dr. Anthony Youn from the United States collected the secrets of his colleagues (from surgeons to dermatologists) for 16 years in order to combine all the tips under one cover. In the book, he talks about everything: about proper skin care and even makeup, about essential vitamins and much more.

So there were books about all health and beauty “variables”- good sleep, mental condition, nutrition and even plastic surgery. Hopefully, it will be useful for you! Read books and stay beautiful and healthy 🙂

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