Creative Ways of Capturing Your Baby’s Childhood

Creative Ways of Capturing Your Baby's Childhood
Leo Rivas

What’s more wonderful than to be blessed with a little baby of your own? I tell you-the answer is watching that baby as it grew and saving every special moment. From its days as an infant to a toddler to a bigger kid; your son’s or daughter’s childhood will have many milestones you will want to save in memory and capture, so you can remember them after many years to come.  While photos and photo albums are the usual way we all use, there are so many other creative ways that can capture the best memories of your baby’s childhood more endearingly. In this article, we shall feature some of these methods that can make the most memorable moments all sweeter.     

Funny Videos-Embarrassing? Perhaps, but More So Quite Endearing    

You know what captures a moment a lot more vividly than a photo? Yup, that’s right-a video. Well, what about a video of a funny moment when your child was learning how to walk for the first time? All the tumbling and falling might be funny, but it is also one of childhood’s most important times.

Make a video of your baby in the shower, singing happily while surrounded by a colorful bubble bath. Maybe another when your kid was eating on its own for the first time and making a mess of everything! Years shall pass and you’ll come back to these videos to laugh from the bottom of your heart at the sweet moments.    

Creative Ways of Capturing Your Baby's Childhood
Tim Bish

Try A Thematic Photo Session-Your Kid Will Just Love It    

Your child will definitely find this fun and happy-now and when they grow old! Create a beautiful thematic photo shoot of your child. This is perfect for kids 4 years and above, when your kid can actually choose a theme. A girl might love to mimic Disney princesses, and a boy might want to pose as his favorite superhero.

This is a very lovely way of capturing a certain time in your son’s or daughter’s childhood while mingling it with what they adore the most. You can also do this for your baby-a photo shoot for newborns is totally in the fashion nowadays.  (See: Funny photoshoot ideas)  

Creative Ways of Capturing Your Baby's Childhood
Shelby Miller

Handmade Memory Books: The Perfect Way To Put Those Childhood Photos Together    

This could be a little traditional but it never gets too old. Bring the best photos of your child and put them together in a memory book that is crafted by your own hands. While there are also electronic options available with lots of programs on PC that makes the process quite easy, a handmade memory book crafted with love and passion is the perfect tribute to your baby’s childhood. (See: Memory book ideas)

Baby with a cube

Time Capsules and Memory Boxes-Gather Those Memories Together    

This is a favorite of many-and in a fashion a little similar to the thematic photo session, it also requires that your child is a little grown up to perform it correctly. It is a bit difficult when you have multiple kids, too, but it is one of the most endearing methods of recording childhood.

Create a memory box or a time capsule where you ask your child to add a possession of their own choice to the box. Each year, create a different box. You’ll have a time capsule for each year to reflect on that very year’s occurrences and events.    

Memory Jars    

Adorable child

Also similar to time capsules but instead of adding items in boxes, a jar of all memories is created. Each New Year’s Eve, each family member would have to choose their favorite memory of the year, write it down on a small, colorful paper and add it to the jar. Have a different color for each year. Now repeat this every single year and the result is a jar full of the most wonderful memories of childhood and other times too.    

Record Their Dreams and Wishes    

This is such a beautiful and sweet way to capture your child’s dreams as they grow older. Each year, record a small video of your child, speaking about their dream. Don’t limit it to the question of what occupation they want when they are older; dreams can be much more than that! Give freedom to your child and let their imagination run wild. You’ll be surprised by how much your child’s thinking and dreams can vary from a year to another.    


Don’t restrict yourself to the limited way of only taking pictures and photos of your baby’s childhood. While it is a beautiful and effective way and all, there are other ways that are more creative and capture the most special moments in more detail and more sweetly.

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