Jealousy is destructive, but often we don’t realize or do not want to realize it.


The main problem of such feeling as jealousy is that it has nothing common with love. We mistakenly believe that jealousy is only a consequence of our feelings, but in fact it is based on the most common fear and hypertrophied sense of ownership. We all tend to fight for “our” beloved man or women, we are ready to win, to take away them from the whole planet, but it is not love. Freedom, right of choice, a sense of peace? Al these factors are basement of successful relationship. It is selfish to think that if you lock up your object of love at home, he/she will be happy.

In addition, you need to know that jealousy can destroy not only your relationship, but also your health. Strange but true: that jealous people more often suffer from headaches, nervous disorders and depressions. Moreover, painful distrust can cause heart disease.


You have to be able to look your fears in the face, analyze all your nightmares. Imagine what would happen if all your suspicions and fears are real. Imagine that you have to leave your loved one. Such detailed reflection will give you the opportunity to realize that your fears are, in fact, completely empty.

Treat love as an ephemeral object. In reality, we can not keep anything close to us for a long time, and so does love. Try to keep this understanding in your mind. It’s not about breaking up. Understanding that everything is temporarily, will help you to perceive the surrounding reality more easily. If you live in constant fear that your husband will leave you, how can you call such feelings pleasant and nice? Fear of loss makes you and your partner unhappy.


The fact is that people are not a product on the market shelf, and your partner prefers you to others not only because your physical qualities. So, stop comparing yourself with others, because certainly there will be people better than you in some aspects.

However, over the years, the relationship develops into something more than a sexual attraction, during the time spent together, it accumulates a kind of “capital”, consisting of obtained experience, and these “savings” are not so easy to exchange for a beautiful face.


Your fantasies deprive you of the opportunity to assess the situation soberly. That’s all; this is the root of the problem. If you start thinking about possible scenarios of events, it will be impossible to cope with suspicions. Take following rule into consideration: “first thought – a wrong idea, until it is not proven”


Trust is important part of healthy and strong relationship. Often we begin to suspect our partner, not because he did not justify our trust, but only because we ourselves feel fear and hesitations. Jealousy, in this case, does not rely on anything in reality.

If we are masters of our thoughts and emotions, we should trust our beloved ones. Of course, suspicions do not always seem groundless, but try to believe your second half and do not suspect them in something bad. And you will definitely have the opportunity to see that your partner has no intentions to hurt you.

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