We all more or less concerned about ecology. However, we are not fully aware of how deep and big environmental problems are. So, there are some scary facts about our planet that you should know


Decomposition is the process by which organic substances are broken down into simpler organic matter. The process is a part of the nutrient cycle and is essential for recycling. It is one of the most important topic in ecology. Because some products take a lot of time to decompose. Moreover, substances released from decomposing are easily absorbed by our bodies and animals and could have negative effects on it.

Natural decomposition of
  • a cigarette requires 2 years;
  • gum — 5 years;
  • aluminum can — 100 years;
  • a plastic bag — 450 years;
How long does it take to decompose clothes?
  • viscose t-shirt — 1-6 weeks;
  • regular socks — 1-5 weeks;
  • denim jacket — 10-20 months;
  • wool jumper — 1-5 years;
  • nylon tights — 30-40 years;
  • leather bag — 50 years;
  • polyester dress — 200 years.

Every minute people buy at least one plastic bottle. At the same time, only 13% of it will go to recycling. Moreover, recycling 1 ton of paper can save: 17 trees, 683 gallons of oil, 7000 gallons of water


  • Oceans cover 71% of land area
  • Every day 35 tons of garbage is going to the World Ocean.
  • When you throw a plastic bag and other plastic materials into the ocean, it kills up to 1 million of sea creatures annually.
  • By 2050, the World Ocean will have more plastic than fish.
  • We spent 120 liters of water per day through dripping and poorly closed taps.
  • The production of one cotton t-shirt requires up to 700 liters of water.
  • More than 1 billion people worldwide has no free access to clean drinking water.


  • Tropical forests produce 40% of the oxygen on Earth,which occupy only 2% of the Earth’s area.
  • Moreover, tropical forests are cut down at a rate of 100 acres per minute.
  • It is estimated that 50,000 animals living in tropical forests die out each year. So, this is an average of 137 species per day.
  • By the end of 2010, there were only 3,200 tigers in the world. This is a sharp decline of 97% over the past 100 years.


  • 300 of the 364 days of the year Costa Rica uses only renewable energy sources: hydropower, geothermal, wind and solar.
  • In addition, Germany has set a goal: by 2050, 60% of the country should switch to renewable energy.
  • By 2030, Taiwan will completely abandon the use of disposable plastic products.
  • 130 thousand people in the American city of Denton live exclusively on solar and wind energy.
  • The amount of water consumed in the daily production of clothing is 32 million Olympic pools.


  • By 2100, the total temperature on Earth could increase by six degrees.
  • 97% of researchers believe that global warming is occurring, and it is caused by human activity.
  • The third most serious world problem is climate change, after international terrorism and poverty.
  • Sea water level increases by about 3.4 mm per year.
  • Two-thirds of the Great Barrier reef is damaged by climate change


  • Air pollution kills 9 million people (three million children) each year and affects 325 million.
  • People living in an area with polluted air have a 20% higher risk of dying from lung cancer.

These numbers are very terrifying, aren’t they? Now ecological problems do not just look like a topic on National Geographic channel. It is real and we have to deal with it. Start with yourself, use less plastic, try to economize energy resources , so maybe we still have a chance to keep our planet! Remember one of the main rule in ecology- rule of 3Rs. REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE.

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