5 Most Strange Bans All Over the World

Every human dreams to go for a trip around the world. However, it is very important to examine the culture, traditions and prohibitions of the country that you are going to visit. It seems that all people do not differ much from each other and laws are similar. But the reality states very shocking facts and prohibitions about some countries. That’s why, it is necessary to know the laws and bans in order not to pay a fine or not to be arrested.


lawDo you want to go to the cinema for a movie night in Saudi Arabia? Well, this is impossible, because the country has introduced a ban on cinemas. The first movie session on a wide screen was held at the beginning of 2018. Government of Saudi Arabia promises to set a cinema in every city in upcoming years. However, some religious activists disagree about this innovation. The reason of a ban is that the intimate atmosphere of the cinema decomposes moral principles and that foreign films contains scenes of vulgarity.

Blue jeans

regulation The choice of clothing in North Korea differs from clothing style in any country of the world. The fact is that Korean government has banned everyone’s favorite blue jeans. The government of this country believes that jeans symbolize Western trends. If a resident violates this ban, he or she will have to go for community service works. It’s hard to believe, but in North Korea, even hairstyles are strictly regulated by the state — there are 10 options for men and 18 for women.

Chewing gum.

lawThe next amazing destination is Singapore. This county is considered as the most beautiful and the most strict Asian country. Never forget to learn the laws of this country as it has many prohibitions that can cause a serious problem for tourists. Who would have thought that gum could be outlawed? The fact is that chewing gum was banned here in 1998. You can not even import this product into the country, as well as chew and, especially, spit out somewhere on the streets.

Computer games.

regulation One of the most beautiful destinations of Europe, Greece is known for its computer games ban. In addition, government of Greece have prohibited games mobile applications and game consoles.

The reason why they have banned it is gambling. However, the law does not regulate which game is considered gambling and which is not. Do not wonder if the police officer makes you to pay a fee for breaking the law. Tourists are not exceptions for the law of the country.

No frown!

Tourists who plan to visit Italian capital city should be warn about its uncanny regulation. The fact is that people can’t be gloomy on the streets of Milan. You can demonstrate sad emotions only at hospital or at funeral. When it comes to other public places, people have to smile. Otherwise, police officer who observes the streets can fine you.

To sum up, people need to study the area where they are going to visit in order to have a great time and not to face with strange regulations.

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