No matter how much society tries to equalize men and women, we still remain different in some aspects. And it is not bad; moreover, it gives us the opportunity to approach business tasks in our own way. This article is about female ways of leadership and how business can benefit from that.


Female logic is closely related to intuition, because the physiology of the brain allows them to think and feel at the same time. Therefore, ladies more often than men create business spontaneously. It is important for men to analyze information and then start acting. However, for women lack of information is not a barrier, because they usually compensate it by intuition. For example, Coco Chanel began to sew simple suits from men’s fabrics, because she wanted to wear something more comfortable.


Females have both working hemispheres and well-developed peripheral vision, while most men’s vision is still tunnel. It’s normal for women to do more than one thing at once. Therefore, females usually know every business task from marketing to production technology.


For a long time, people consider that women are soft negotiators; they less prone to conflict and more willing to give in. However, modern business women have successfully performed skills of hard negotiations, so they are not afraid to defend their opinions and get what they want.

Coming into business relatively recently, women have learned the flexibility of communication. In one situation, they can be compliant and soft, in another – openly go to conflict fight for their ideas.

It is explained by social and historical prerequisites. Throughout human history, women have been offered only one role- role of driven person. But the world changed, and so did the society. Women, keeping the old patterns of behavior, learned more and more new and now they can easily change them depending on the situation. It gives the business lady an additional advantage.


The business run by female leaders is usually beautifully presented. There is also an explanation for this. While the boys are taken to chess, robotics and boxing, the girls draw, dance and develop artistically. With rare exceptions, society still develops children not by their needs, but by gender. Therefore, the artistic perception of girls often works better, because they are simply taught to do it. Therefore, in a business run by a woman, more attention is paid to the beautiful and “tasty” details.


The attitude of men and women to competition is very different. By nature, men’s competition is harder and tougher; there is a struggle mostly not even for market share, but for the power. Women often tend to perceive competitors as a guideline, so they try to learn from those who are one step ahead.

Men and women are different. Of course, we can say that in business there are no genders, and the laws of the economy work for all equally. Yes, it is, but there are also important details. We have mentioned them before and they have significant impact on the business running. So, we can easily say that women’s way of leadership is versatile and more flexible. That is why there are so many successful business ladies in modern society.

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