The success of trainings mostly depends on your efforts and intentions. But the choice of your trainer, under whose guidance you will achieve your goals is also very important. So how to make a right choice?


Before you start classes, ask about the qualifications of potential trainer. You can request for documents confirming that this person have a right to train other people. Certificates or diplomas can give a guarantee that you will work with professional who will not only develop a strategy to improve your physical shape, but also take into account your lifestyle and habits.

Please note whether the documents allow personal or group training, depending on the areas you have chosen. So if everything is confirmed, you can start a more detailed acquaintance with the future mentor.


Your attitude is very important. To make trainings comfortable, you should have a good communication with your coach. In the process of discussion of important topics, you should have a feeling of trust which allows you to ask questions easily and openly talk about possible inconveniences. If emotional contact is established, then you will have a strong motivation to go to trainings.


If after communication with the trainer you have doubts about his competence or just feel yourself uncomfortable, it is better to choose another specialist. For example, you are not sure if this mentor knows how to build workouts for people with knee or back injury. Trust is the most important factor in the relationship between the sportsman and trainer, because it will not be possible to achieve the desired results without it.


If you have almost decided on the choice, but something still prevents you from saying a definite “Yes”, talk to other clients of your future trainer. Especially useful will be questions about the results and impressions. The answers will help to make the right decision about further trainings. By the way, you can ask your mentor about the experience of training. A good professional certainly has something to be proud of, and he will defiantly
demonstrate his success.


The main task of the coach is not only to monitor and correct your trainings. But also motivate you! This can be achieved not only by standard motivational phrases, but also with personal example and appearance. If you constantly see someone with perfect body, you will definitely want to train more to achieve it.


A competent specialist will always ask about the goals pursued by their clients. Tell him about what results you are expecting , mention the features of your body. Then look at his/her reaction.If he/she listened carefully, he/she will most probably take into account your wishes and make the classes effective, safe and comfortable for you.

On the eve of the summer season, majority of people promise to start doing sports. And in order not to deviate from the goal, to keep the it under control, to achieve excellent results, to get new emotions and serious motivation, you need a personal coach. So we have prepared several tips for that will help to choose good coach and make your trainings a little bit more better.

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