Remedies to lessen water pollution

Remedies to lessen water pollution
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Every living organism on earth needs water to survive. But today water sources like seas, reservoirs, lakes, and rivers are filled with pollutants of various kinds. These include wastes, chemicals, plastics, and etc. Study shows that water pollution is one of the greatest environmental concerns the world is facing today.

Cascade waterfallProbably, this is because a larger portion of the earth, over 70%, is covered by water.  There are many different contaminants that affect the world’s freshwater ecosystems. These include organic matter, chemical products, pathogens (often from animal and human waste), plastics, salinity, and pharmaceutical products.

Once polluted, these contaminants are always costly, difficult, and nearly impossible to take away from water. Globally, according to statistics by the UN, about eighty percent of the polluted water goes untreated. The world is only exposed to about 1% of the unpolluted freshwater.

Due to this problem, there is a great need to protect the meager water sources from pollution. There are various effective solutions to lessen water pollution. We mention some of them in this article.   

Effective Ways to Lessen Water Pollution    

The following are the common remedies to minimize the degree of water pollution.  

1.  Avoid Using Chemical-Fertilizers and Pesticides  

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These substances are of great importance and are widely popular across the world. People use them in their gardens for many reasons. One reason is getting rid of bugs to produce better crops. Another reason is to give enough nutrients. But little do they know that these products are significant contributors to pollution.   

In fact, toxic chemicals in these substances might get into lakes and rivers. Consequently, this leads to the death of water organisms and animals. Instead of using these dangerous products, we recommend to know more on types of pesticides. Moreover, you can find out the safe methods of using pesticides here.

2.  Learn to Conserve Water  

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This is another great way to lessen water pollution. This practice will reduce the chances of having to treat contaminated water around your home for immediate uses. Ensure to follow the common water conservation habits. For instance, turning off water faucets when brushing teeth.

Avoid also watering your garden when the sun is about to rise. This is a good practice, as it minimizes evaporation. Moreover, ensure to turn off lawn-sprinklers during the rain season. We also advise to use showers, rather than baths. Thus, you will use a smaller amount of water than while having a bath.  

3.  Avoid Flushing Trash and Medication   

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Trash can include a wide range of articles, mostly those that do not break down easily. Some examples include plastic items, diapers, tampons, and wet wipes. These things should be disposed of properly. There is no need to throw them in water systems.

This is because they may damage the sewerage system or even find ways to oceans, lakes, and rivers. Components used to make medications can also contaminate the water sources and destroy the systems that convey water.

They usually contain toxic substances which can corrode water pipes. Such substances may also get into lakes and rivers. This can be dangerous to animals, people, and aquatic life.

4.  Minimize Using Detergents and Antibacterial-Soaps  

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When cleaning things around your home, ensure to reduce the usage of cleaning agents. These include the detergents and bleaches. Although these agents seem right when using them, they can cause great havoc to water systems. Follow the recommended instructions about their usage on the labels, and never use them more than expected.     

Antibacterial soaps are also not perfect when it comes to protecting your family against germs. Research shows that these agents have a higher chance of causing reproductive problems, especially when used a lot. In fact, you should avoid using them and develop DIY cleaning options. Consider using some essential oils, vinegar, and water.  

5.  Take Part in Water Pollution Campaigns  

This may help create more awareness about the remedies people can use to reduce pollution. Such awareness includes conserving water, disposing of trash and medicinal products properly, and etc. You can also choose to give donations to these campaigns or water-conservation-organizations. However small, these contributions can help a lot, the people who ensure that water is safe for human consumption.  

In conclusion, following the above remedies can successfully reduce this form of pollution. Many people have also planted trees and plants to prevent surface run-off from reaching the rivers. Others have skipped using plastic materials and looked for more eco-friendly products. All this is to minimize the extent of water pollution. Start introducing these habits into your daily life and become a part of the society that preserves natural resources!

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