Where Can I Enjoy $1 Meals While Traveling?


Experienced travelers from all parts of the world love to explore the most unusual places and try the most extraordinary meals. Most of them advise to spend your travel time like a local in order to go deep into the culture and atmosphere of the place that you visit. When it comes to food, travelers recommend to try street food. Street food is a great way to get acquainted with the gastronomic culture of a foreign country and at the same time it is inexpensive and tasty. Our magazine have conducted a research to identify the best selection of countries where you can have breakfast, lunch or dinner with the cost of one dollar.

Thailandthai cuisine

One of the most popular types of street food in Thailand is a small food trucks. Food truck contains a kitchen, a shop window and a cashier. You can see such mini-cafes by walking roads and at busy intersections. You can buy both a full-fledged complex lunch and all kinds of snacks: chicken, pork, potato or cheese skewers, fried shrimp, squid rings in batter, spring rolls, as well as delicious pad thai noodles in a food truck. Most of these meals cost $1 or less than $1.


Mexico is the birthplace of corn, so it is extremely popular dishes from corn dough filled with various stuffings. One of the most famous is the quesadilla, a tortilla with cheese and a filling of your choice: chicken, pork, beef, chorizo ​​sausages, beans, mushrooms, corn, potatoes and others. Optionally, you can ask the cook to add lettuce, extra cheese and mayo to the quesadilla.

You can spend $1 and taste a couple of tacos – a flat cake stuffed with meat, pineapple slices, onions and sauce. Another budget and very tasty option is tamales: soft corn dough with filling (minced meat, cheese, fruits or vegetables), steamed and wrapped in corn or palm leaf.


China has an abundant choice of cheap street food. People consume this delicious and available food in spite of their occupation or financial condition. You can try a range of meals for only one dollar: pancakes, rice steam cakes with various fillings, a portion of steam dumplings of dim sam, fish or squid balls, fried noodles with vegetables. In addition, the best lunch options such as chicken legs, a cup of noodle soup, a cup of boiled corn will cost you around one dollar too.


Very attractive food prices in Uzbekistan will never let you to stay hungry. The most popular meal of this country is pilaf. Once you taste this legendary dish, you will never forget it. It is worth to mention that even The Guardian, British newspaper has included Uzbek pilaf in the list of the ten best street dishes of the world.

The classic recipe of pilaf includes lamb as only lamb is able to provide a delicate and expressive taste. However, you can find options with beef, pork, rabbit, turkey and chicken. But regardless of the recipe, one thing remains the same: a unique crumbly texture and luxurious spicy bouquet. Uzbek cooks boil the rice in a large cauldron on an open fire with different flavors and spices.

Georgiageorgian cuisine

Georgia is famous for its hospitality and excellent cuisine. The prices of the dishes in Georgia are the most suitable for a tourist who has planned budget. One of the favorite national dishes is khachapuri –  pastries with lots of melted cheese. Various types of pastries with cheese, butter and eggs made the Georgian cuisine to be popular all around the world. However, khachapuri is not the only Georgian pastry. Here you can also try kubdari – a pie with meat filling, and lobiani – flat cake with beans and fresh greens.

To sum up, this article proves that traveling with rich cultural exchange is possible for every tourist. Life is too short not to try new destinations and new cuisine.

In addition, we have an amazing bonus for you to watch regarding the top street food places and meals all over the world: Street Food Netflix Series

Street Food Netflix Series

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