5 Facts That Female Teens Should Know about Sex


Sex education is one of the most useful and controversial topics in our life. According to statistics, teens learn any new facts about sex not from the experience of their family members, but from external sources such as internet, books or movies. Mostly this factor depends on the frankness of the parents. Some parents are able to communicate with their children without any barriers, while others refuse to explain necessary information about sex.

Moral rules of most countries and nations make kids to be hesitated and ashamed of this topic. That’s why, it is very important to communicate and discuss sex topic together. This will also improve trust between a parent and a child. NYBH magazine have prepared the list of the most important facts about sex that every young girl should know in her adolescence.

Masturbation is okay

Most adult people explain masturbation as something that has only negative effects. This is the fact that future sexual life of any human depends on what he or she knows about his or her body and how they react to it.

For example, an adult caught a young man masturbating and shamed him. This situation can make a man to decide that it is bad to masturbate. As a result, most people have problems to reach an orgasm or fear of sex. Masturbation is a way to explore your body. It helps to understand how to achieve pleasure, learn how the genitals are arranged and develop healthy sexuality.

Girls have a vulva

Most teachers of anatomy at schools do not explain the topic of female vulva. The female genital organ is presented mainly as a vagina, focusing only on the hidden part of it. The only information that you can obtain from school lessons is how to wash your vulva. Meanwhile, the outside genitalia is much more important than the inside one for women’s pleasure. That’s why, girls need to know the mechanism of their bodies. Taboo nature of sex topic leads to illiteracy of women in the aspect of their health. This illiteracy leads to serious problems when a female cannot explain the health issues or reasons why sex with her partner does not satisfy her.

Every human body is beautiful

The fact is that opinion of teens depends on society. Every teenager compares himself or herself with other teens. Mostly it happens under the influence of internet and its characters such as bloggers or so-called influencers. People from 13 to 19 need positive messages about their body in order to become a confident person. According Joyce McFadden, the more confident a girl is, the better she will be able to resist social pressure

Parents who wish to behave a child with high self-esteem need to behave themselves first and then encourage the opinion of their child.

Don’t be ashamed of menstruation

According to the survey conducted by Joyce McFadden, 450 women were interviews on various aspects of their lives, including sexuality and relationships with mothers. When it comes to menstruation, it turned out that many respondents experienced “fear, confusion and shame” during the first period and did not receive enough support from their parents. It is important not just to explain what menstruation is and how to behave during it, but also to tell that it is just part of the mechanism of the female body. It should not make us feel ashamed.

Sexuality is okay 

Most female parents feel that they should not be sexual around their children. Female teenager can make a decision that sexuality is bad if she observes the picture when her mother avoids everything that demonstrates physical attractiveness. After some time, a teenager can get a range of complexes and be shy of her body. According to McFadden, mothers who allow themselves to show sexuality in front of their daughters succeed in behaving a sexually-health child. Mostly, it is not about behavior or physical manifestations, rather, about the style, dressing style and attitude to the body.

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