7 Ways To Increase Productivity When Your Work at Home


Working at home allows people to manage their time by themselves and provides the maximum benefit. The fact is that the house is usually associated with comfort and convenience and pleasant atmosphere complicates the effectiveness of tasks performance. Let’s learn simple tricks that will help you be more productive if you at home.

Monitor your progress

First of all, you need to track and appreciate the progress of the work you do in order to keep a desire to keep doing this job. Every small victory is a great way to get the motivation back despite the fact that your brain is concentrated on not-completed tasks such as not stretching or not finishing the book. You need to learn to monitor everything that you have done in order to improve your productivity. Write down everything you’ve done today, every little thing that has affected the project

Monitor your energy

If you want to be productive, you need to be in shape: watch your body and its energy. Any sedentary work weakens your ability to concentrate and remain calm. But regular training, on the contrary, not only eliminates anxiety and cleanse the mind, but also increase your potential for creative ideas.

Make notes


You don’t need dozens of “effective” applications and notebooks: just one, where you can keep all your notes. Use the free and simple smartphone app to save all the details that you may need: search results on a particular issue, ideas gleaned from other people’s Instagram or posts on the website that you want to read.


Do not procrastinate 

It is almost impossible to be the person who does everything at the moment when he or she receives the task. However, you can use the time you don’t want to waste on an unpleasant things for something that will benefit you in the long run. For example, if you do not want to call a problem customer, spend a few minutes to disassemble the desktop or speed up your phone.

Use rule of 1-3-5

If you have too many tasks and your to-do list doesn’t even fit on one page, use a new technique to deal with the blockage. Think about what you can do 1 big tasks, 3 easier tasks and 5 small tasks. Try to reduce your list so that it fits into this framework. Keep in mind that the biggest task can be not only the one that is the longest to do, but also the one that you do not want to do the most and constantly procrastinate.

Disable phone notifications

One of the most striking reasons why we are constantly distracted is regular alerts and messages from colleagues in messengers. Make a habit of checking team chats not as soon as a notification appears, but every 10 minutes. Specialists recommend to switch to Airplane mode in order to concentrate on your feelings and analyze your current condition. If you need to work on a serious project for a few busy hours, you can even log out of the accounts in social networks.

Develop new skills

Constantly learn new innovative tricks that can affect the results of your work. Do not give up on reading popular books on marketing, study a few words on another language daily, learn to write attractive texts and take notes out of interesting articles. The more skills you have, the more people will value as a specialist.

Create your own work atmosphere

Do not follow the advices of bloggers who state that you can work at any condition. You need to organize your workplace and separate it from personal place in order to achieve effectiveness of your work. You can change the place where you sit with your laptop, for example, you can go to a coffee shop.

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