Companies that protect the environment

Companies that protect the environment

Companies that protect the environment

More and more companies across the world are taking a significant step to ensure that the environment is safe from pollution.

It it interesting, because only a few years ago, some of these companies were among the world’s greatest polluters. Some used to release dangerous wastes into lakes and rivers. Some companies pumped poisonous gases into the air. Others have destroyed farmlands and forests, increasing the effects of global warming.

Today, people have realized that being environmentally responsible in business is one way to be truly a successful company. By minimizing waste, reducing consumption of energy, and utilizing resources efficiently, businesses can also benefit in several ways. For instance, they reduce bill expenses, thus maximizing profits of the entire business. On the other hand, companies help to conserve the nature for the future and save the natural resources.

Moreover, today being eco-friendly is also a part of a good marketing strategy, because this way companies boost reputation. Therefore, in this article we decided to see which companies have turned greener in order to minimize pollution.

Companies that protect the environment

1.  Vestas uses wind as a source of energy

Vestas is one of the global companies ensuring that the world is living safer. It deals with wind energy and is working hard to discover sustainable power solutions. Thus, they have already installed their wind turbines in 80 countries all over the globe.

Additionally, the company aims to avoid the emission of harmful gasses in their equipment. This is another step in making the world greener.

2.  Tesla creates safer batteries

Dealing with the manufacture of greener goods, Tesla company is among top companies protecting the environment. It creates storage batteries, solar panels, and electric vehicles. The purpose of these products is reducing the usage of fossil-fuels on both transport and heating systems.

Companies that protect the environment
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In the case of electric vehicles, they reduce the emission of toxic gases when compared to traditional vehicles.

Notably, Tesla aims to create batteries for vehicles that are long-lasting. Thus, in 2017 they released semi-trucks that can can travel 300-500 miles with a single charge. The company is also working hard to make sure the batteries of these vehicles have a little negative effect on the environment.

3.  LifeSource that provides chemical free products

This is a food storage and distribution chain which is totally independent. They only deal with foods that are grown locally. These include organic meat, bakery, groceries, wines, fresh produce, etc. Their goods are of high quality and contain no artificial ingridients, meaning that their products are chemical free.

These people promote organic farming not only for the good of their business but also to discourage the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. The peculiarity of their business is that they also collaborate with their consumers in protecting the environment by reusing, recycling, and reducing wastes.

4.  Steelcase knows how to make eco-friendly items

Most of the end products of Steelcase company are furniture, work tools, and architectural items. When making these items, they use raw materials that are safe to the environment. They also ensure that their products are easy to recycle, meaning that waste management is their priority. As a result, their strategy reduces wastage of resources and this is a wonderful step to protect the environment.

Companies that protect the environment
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5.  Weleda produces natural chemical-free cosmetics

This is an exceptionally eco-friendly company that makes cosmetic products from natural raw materials. The sources of main ingredients come from fruits, flowers, and plants. Wedela makes skin, body, face, and baby care products. These products are 100% free from dangerous chemicals.

Most companies who manufacture beauty products often contribute to water pollution. In case of Weleda, it promotes protection of the environment and takes care of people’s health.

6. Amour Vert: more sold products, more planted trees 

Amour Vert is among the list of the companies that protect the environment. This company deals mostly with clothing items and a wide collection of accessories. These include jewelry, bags, and shoes.

All of their products are made from materials which do not cause negative effect on the environment. For the shoes and bags, they are created from non-toxic dyes and sustainable materials. When making clothes, they only use recycled materials.

This ensures that wastes are re-used, rather being dumped everywhere to pollute the environment. Modal and Tencel are some of the fabrics being used in this company. They are grown without much of insecticides, chemical fertilizers, and pesticides. This is in contrary to the common materials used in making clothes, for example cotton. Wherever a T-shirt is sold in this company, they plant one tree. This shows how serious they are when it comes to making the world greener.

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7.  Hyundai reduces emission of dangerous gases

As companies strain try hard to make this planet healthy, Hyundai joined hands by creating vehicles which can run on hydrogen fuel. Instead of emitting dangerous gases into the atmosphere, these vehicles produce water. In addition, they are not noisy.

Experts say, as compared to the common vehicles driven by the help of fossil fuels, these ones produce thirty percent less dangerous gases. Since hydrogen is usually emitted with water, Hyundai is working to ensure it is recycled. This will make it less polluting.

8.  The Organic-Coup  makes healthy fast foods

This group is similar to Lifesource Natural Foods, only it deals with fast foods. These include salads, burgers, chicken, and others. They offer them for dinners, lunch, and breakfast. Everything it sells comes from organic products. Moreover, their foods are regulated by the USDA.This group ensures the world is healthier by making environment-friendly foods.

Companies that protect the environment

Certainly, this is not the list of all eco-friendly companies. In fact, there are many other popular companies such as Nike, Fireclay Tile, Adobe, Hewlett Packard, Google, and NRG Energy group. They are all working hard to protect our planet and also our future. Therefore, as individuals we also can become a part of environment protection movement and support our safe future.

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