Simple Ways of Recycling At Home

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At any given time, the world witnesses several campaigns related to environmental sustainability. Proponents of conservation of environment aim to encourage people to embrace habits that guarantee the same. However, we must all come to the realization that leading an eco-friendly lifestyle is a personal choice. No one can force you into doing it. Once you understand its importance, you will do everything possible to leave this world better than you found it. One of the most effective ways of achieving this is through recycling. The process entails the conversion of waste into new and usable materials.

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Many people have left recycling to organizations that specialize in it. This is mainly because they perceive the task as complex and as such, a tiring and costly affair. However, things aren’t as you think. Of course, it can be quite demanding even in terms of the resources, but you can also do it in your own little ways.

Is Recycling Possible At Home?

Oh yes, it is! There are endless things you can recycle at home and consequently, contribute to a cleaner and safer world for everybody.

1. Recycling Plastic water bottles

Simple Ways of Recycling At Home

Recycling plastic water bottles is also pretty easy. One way of doing so is planting seedlings inside bottomless plastic water bottles. You can also convert a plastic water bottle into a flower pot by cutting the top part.

If you love to engage in DIY activities, consider using plastic bottles to decorate your home. For upcycled bottle craft ideas, make Pinterest and the Internet in general, your best friend.

2. Aluminium

Simple Ways of Recycling At Home
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Nearly all households have and use some aluminium foils at any given time. They make their way into your home each time you order food and through numerous other occasions. By now, the amount of used aluminium foils that have passed through you and to the landfills is immeasurable.

Everyone needs to understand that aluminium waste is extremely harmful to the environment. To avoid this harm, you can start recycling them in the following ways:

– To sharpen utensils

– A reflector for your plants

– To clean jewelry

It does a superb job on this.


3. Disposable cups

They are mostly used during parties and other forms of celebrations. Unfortunately, many people toss them into the trash without caring what happens from there.

Unknown to them, the material used in their manufacture (Styrofoam), does not decompose – however long it takes. The cup you dispose of today will not decompose even after hundreds of years.

Rather than throw it away in the garbage bin, reuse it. Make yourself a small pot in your small garden using these styrocups. Use it to grow small seedlings. You may also decorate it as a vase. To reduce the number of paper or disposable cups in the circulation, carry a tumbler instead.

4. Crayons

Many people don’t know that crayons can be recycled at home. Do you need an emergency light? Old crayons will come in handy. You can make a candle out of them! The first step is to prepare wicks.

The next step entails melting crayons of similar colors into a plastic mold. Once you are through, place it in the oven to allow the wax to melt. Remove the melted wax, put the wicks, and leave it to dry. Do you have old crayons lying somewhere in your house, how about you try this?

Simple Ways of Recycling At Home

5. Clothing

While textile products are biodegradable, they decompose too slowly. People throw away unfashionable, damaged or old clothes. An average American discards about 70lbs of clothes. Seeing that landfill dump charges $100 per ton, it means that the waste costs people roughly $1.1 billion per year.

Besides throwing away the clothes you no longer need, there are a lot of other things you can do with them. If you don’t want to donate your damaged, unfashionable or old clothes to charity organizations, you can reuse them.

You can convert them into more fashionable items. For instance, you may turn the jeans that no longer fit you into a string bag. An old shirt can produce a crop top. Additionally, you can use worn-out clothes as rags.


As you can see, recycling doesn’t have to be such a huge challenge. It is doable. In the beginning, it might feel awkward and at times, tiring. However, if you purpose to challenge yourself every day, it will become a routine. Do what is right! It will surprise you how such a gesture makes you feel so good about yourself.

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