7 Frightening Myths About Abortion


Nowadays, there are a lot of myths about abortion. The first reason why people believe unproven facts is the messages that pass down from one generation to another generation. Lack of sex education is another reason why people still believe inaccurate information about abortion. To sum up, this illiteracy is very dangerous for future generation as it can lead to misconceptions between women and men. As a result, it can cause governmental conflicts that can even prohibit abortion. NYBH magazine has collected several popular myths about abortion, which can be dangerous for women’s health.

Abortion is unsafe

Supporters of the Pro-life movement (United States anti-abortion movement) often try to intimidate women that abortion is unsafe. About 1.3 million women now have one abortion a year, 90% of them do abortion in the first trimester of pregnancy. At the same time, less than 1% of abortions lead to serious complications. Statistically, this procedure is about 10 times safer than childbirth or even colonoscopy. Therefore, people need access to legal and safe abortion in health care system in order to prevent criminal interruptions.

Abortion can lead to breast cancer

Nowadays, there are no vindicated studies that could find the link between abortion and infertility, ectopic pregnancy or breast cancer. The fact is that people associate all such operations with certain risk. However, there is no direct damage to fertility. In addition,well-performed abortion is 10 times safer than pregnancy. According to the American cancer society, the risk of developing breast cancer may increase during pregnancy. However, it is not yet clear whether termination of pregnancy affects this.

Most women regret about abortion

According to the study conducted in 2015 by The PLoS One scientific community among two categories of women who had an abortion three years ago showed that 95% of women were confident in the correctness of their choice. The anti-abortion movement constantly claims that most women regret abortions and as a consequence, they get depression. However, studies demonstrate that this is not true. Refusal of abortion is more harmful to a woman’s mental health than the actual procedure. A study published in JAMA Psychiatrythis found that women who denied abortion had higher levels of anxiety, lower life satisfaction and lower self-esteem than those who had the opportunity to perform the procedure.

First abortion in the world was carried out for more than 40 years ago. After some time, women had a serious emotional and psychological problems. However, the stress had a short-term characteristics after which they had a bright and healthy future.protest abortion

Woman cannot make a decision on her own

Undoubtedly, it is very important to discuss the decision with your partners or other family members. Nevertheless, the final decision should belong to only a woman who decides to do abortion because she is the owner of the body. In addition, only this woman knows her life circumstances, her strengths and opportunities, the resources that she has. As this woman is the only person who will be affected by the pregnancy or its termination. Moreover, if they force you to make a specific reproductive choice – remember that this is one of the clearest signs of domestic violence.

Abortion is the result of poor control and irresponsibility

The fact is that all fertility and conception control is not always under the control of women. Studies have illustrated that half to two thirds of all women who have had an abortion used contraception during pregnancy. No contraception is 100% effective. The circumstances of women’s life and health include irregular menstruation, menopause, drug use, medical conditions, stress. All of these factors influence fertility and effectiveness of contraception. In addition, it is worth to remember that sex can not always be voluntary, even if it occurs between two spouses.

Women who do abortions do not appreciate motherhood

Many women who have abortions are already mothers. Mostly, their decision is influenced by the desire to do everything possible for the child or children they already have. They fully understand the responsibility of raising children. They think about how their lives will change from the appearance of another in the absence of resources. This myth is often used to create a stereotype that there are “normal” women who dream of children and a large family, and “abnormal” — who do not plan to start a family for various personal reasons. That is why, it is very important to remember that your rejection of motherhood is absolutely normal.

Only certain categories of women do abortions

Any woman can face with an unplanned pregnancy — no matter how old she is, from what social class she is and whether she already has children. Women of all ages, nationalities, incomes, ethnicity, religion, family status and occupations can get pregnant and can have an abortion. Some people believe that abortion is a choice for those who have been abused. However, women can stop her pregnancy due to a completely different reason — whether it is a lack of interest in children, a desire to start a career or even the process of moving.

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