Effective Tips for Summer Hair Care

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Summer is the best time of the year for those who like the sun and hot weather. Most people usually spend summertime on vacation tours. This is the best time to relax and forget about daily routine life. However, summer has a negative impact on health in case if you neglect health care and beauty processes. Today, we will talk about one of the most important factors of beauty – hair. Let’s learn how to prevent side effects of being under the heat of the sun on hair.

Should you change your regular hair care routine in summer?

In fact, you do not need to change your hair products cardinally for the summer. Basically, you can damage your hair while  drying with a hairdryer, using hot tools and discoloration. Thus, the hair becomes a subject to great oxidation. In addition, high temperatures dry the hair and damage the cuticle of the hair. Hence, the only thing that you can apply in order to prevent your hair from above-mentioned side effects is protection. For that, you need to replace your regular shampoo and conditioner with the ones that have an effect of sunscreen. Moreover, do not wash your hair with shampoo every day, it is better to simply rinse with water, so as not to disturb the balance of the scalp. The next important factor to save the health of your hair is its proper moisturizing. Fortunately, moisturizing products are suitable for everyone. The final and the most important factor is products that you consume. Food influences the oil balance of the scalp. That’s why, you need to choose your food carefully, especially if you have an oily skin.

According to trichologists and dermatologists, non-protection of hair in summertime can cause your hair to become dry, dull, brittle and lose its elasticity. Another consequence of exposure to sunlight is color fading. The dryness of the scalp can also cause itching, dandruff and hair loss.

How to protect your hair before going to the sea?

You need to remember that the sun can harm not only the skin of your face and body, but your hair too. That’s why, it is really important to use sunscreen products for hair care. You can find these products in the form of a spray with light textures. In addition, it is recommended to reapply that products every 2 hours. Moreover, professional hairstylists recommended to do a professional moisturizing care. It will prevent dehydration and preserve the brightness of the shade.

What kind of hair products can I use in the summer?

According to hairstylists, it is better to use light styling products that have such additional functions moisturizing and sunscreen. You can also use moisturizing hair sprays in order balance hair moisture even in the hottest weather. In addition, natural hair drying and using massage brushes for hair will contribute to the health of your hair in summertime.

How to take care of the scalp?

The scalp becomes really greasy in summertime. The best solution to this problem is cleaning with peels and scrubs. In addition, proper washing of hair with light massage movements will help to eliminate pollution, dust and styling products. If you have sensitive scalp, you need choose the right hair products.

Can I use oils in hair care routine in summer?

Oils prevent dehydration, soften the hair and provide shininess. You can use products based on oils or oil essentials in summertime. But it is very important to apple oily products in small amount. You can apply these products to wet or dry hair: rub the oil in the palms and gently go along the length of the hair, retreating from the roots. Moreover, you can choose a professional product with oil that combines protection from UV rays and protection from thermal effects.

How often can I moisturize the hair?

Hair care is a very continuous process due to the fact that hair cannot regenerate. That’s why, most specialists advise to choose every hair product individually. For example, damaged hair should be restored, dry — moisturized, colored — protected from color loss. Mostly it also depends on the structure of the hair. For instance, curly hair needs moisturizing every time you wash it — it can be a hydrating mask or a moisturizing spray.

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