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In the modern world, a good number of people spend most of their time trying to transform their outward appearance. Some people undertake surgeries while others use expensive skincare products. This is a direct revelation that physical appearance is completely overrated. What people have failed to notice is the uniqueness and true beauty that each person possesses. Some people lack that amazing physical appearance, but they radiate their inner beauty in such a way that it amplifies every aspect of themselves. 

Social media has been the biggest negative influence on our self worth today. People post photos and cool videos about how they are enjoying life or rather how beautiful they look to a point that we consider it as a dream that we wish to pursue. This competition has made all of us forget about ourselves and commence on the pursuit of something null, void and meaningless called outside beauty. I have not said that striving to be beautiful is bad so do not get me wrong, but ask yourself one question, what is the point of being beautiful on the outside yet you are messed up inside?

By nourishing your true beauty from inside out, you get to feel more confident. Below are some of the main aspects that you can use to nourish your beauty inside out.

True beauty takes to get to know your body

The initial step of making your inner beauty glow is by getting to know your body. Find out what your strengths are and what your weaknesses are. Make sure you go into details when doing so, accepting all possible imperfections and remembering that humans have faults. This somehow reminds of meditation and this should be the first thing you do before you begin nourishing your inner beauty.

True beauty is being honest with yourself and realizing that you cannot be someone else, instead, you can be the better version of yourself. Nothing feels as good as beating the previous version of yourself and progressing to the next level as a better being. The satisfaction and acceptance of yourself as you are will make you appreciate yourself more.


self-confidence from inside will help you nourish your true beauty
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Confidence is an inner positive feeling about yourself. It is so far one of the best factors when it comes to radiating your inner beauty. This is because it makes you special in some way. It gives you that zeal to focus only on the good points about yourself. With confidence, you will be able to realize your self-worth. Your physical appearance won’t affect how you feel about yourself. Some of the best ways to achieve confidence include:

  • Focusing on the positives only

By now you should be aware that everybody has an imperfection. This is what makes you human. Instead of spending your valuable time overthinking about your flaws, try focusing on your strengths and only positive aspects of yourself. This will make you feel twice as good as anyone else, and that is how you build your confidence. Don’t let a small weakness deter you from radiating your true beauty.

  • Stop making unnecessary comparisons

This is always a confidence breaker. Once you start making needless comparisons between yourself and others, your confidence starts fading. You should thus focus on yourself without looking at anyone else. Everyone has a unique appearance that is completely distinct from that of others. This means that any form of comparison is unnecessary. Once you stop comparing, you will be able to accept who you are. With time you will start noticing how great you look and your inner beauty will glow. In most cases, the only thing that stands between you and your true beauty is unnecessary comparisons.

  • Don’t dwell on your flaws

Overthinking about your flaws or imperfections will only meddle with your mental health for no reason. They will shutter your true beauty and all you will see is your insecurities. The best way to deal with such a problem is by accepting it and moving on. The more you accept them, the lesser they will affect you. You will learn to live with them and at the end of the day, you will build your confidence.

  • Confidence means being brave and courageous

Being brave does not mean being able to tackle a lion or not run away from a snake. It basically and simply means that you are not afraid of your insecurities and fears. It means being able to appreciate that you are poor at public speaking, singing, dancing, writing, presenting, art body language or physique, but striving towards finding ways to overcome them in an endeavour to be a better you.

You do not have to be good at everything, because if everyone was born perfect, what would be the essence of growing? J.K. Rowling once said:

“Never wait for perfection or you may end up waiting forever. Instead, do the best you possibly can with what you have and be one of the few who dared to dream rather than those who only dream.”

A courageous person is one who meets his or her problems head-on and overcomes them. By being courageous, you will find it easy to accept your faults, face them and move on. This will make you worry less about your faults and teach to value yourself the way you are. Always remember that it takes courage to accept your physique and only focus on your positive aspects. By doing this, you will be able to unleash your inner true beauty and glow incredibly.

  • Have positive self-talk

The same way you feel when someone slanders you is the same your body and mind perceives when you have negative self-talk. This is why it is important that you only bask in self praises every single day – it will help you radiate your inner beauty and leave you feeling remarkably good.

I have made a simple experiment recently in order to make sure that positive or negative thoughts do matter and how. So, during one week I had absolutely negative thoughts about myself and others. I noticed that I was getting more and more gloomy and what was more frightening, I was getting used to this condition. I started being more error-prone and showed poor results at work. I even became feeling that I am not capable of good results and started suspecting my colleagues spreading rumours about me. However, once I changed my attitude, things went noticeably brighter. During the next week, I was observing my results at work, family, and around friends getting better.

There also is one good quote by Paulo Coelho. I believe it comes in different variations, but it generally carries a single meaning:

“The way you see yourself will determine how people see you”. And this is what supports my tiny experiment.

  • Confidence means you understand that you are not responsible for everyone’s happiness

The moment you accept that you are responsible for someone else happiness’, that is when you deprive yourself the chance of being happy yourself. This is because you will break your values, principles and way of doing things just to please someone else. You tend to lose yourself in the process because you end up doing what you do not love, just because somebody else loves it. This can precisely be termed as selfishness and being selfish to yourself is the highest level of disrespect you can give to your self-esteem.

It is true that we should be social and in fact, we cannot stay alone for so long because that would actually make life really meaningless. However, people have taken this a notch higher by wanting to please everyone around them in order to feel accepted and in place.

  • Look for inspiration

Sometimes focusing on your health, great looks and accepting your imperfections require inspiration. Try and figure out what makes you click. The next thing is to use it as a daily inspirational dose to do better. This factor usually works for those people who are already demotivated with their weaknesses. It is supposed to act as a fuel to make you feel great throughout. It will help you forget about imperfections, and with time your inner beauty will glow.

Final thoughts … 

Inner true beauty comes from inside out, nourish your self-confidence and happiness
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We live in a world whereby everything is about competition and being better than others. The moment we get better than someone, that is when we feel like we have actually accomplished something substantial. We end up boasting and beating our chests over it just because someone else gave us validation for our sense of worth. But is this truly an achievement in reality? The answer is NO. The moment we allow others to define our happiness and give us credit for our actions, that is when we get lost in who we truly are. 

By accepting yourself, you will see how easy it becomes – to organize a better diet, do exercises at the gym, work more effectively, to love and to be loved. Much easier than if you would try the way around. ❤️

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