Boost Health & Energy with Ear Massage

Ear massage helps to relax and boost your energy levels, ear points correspond to particular organs
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There are many points on the auricle (auricula), pressing on which will stimulate various organs and systems in our body. Today, we will talk about the benefits of the ear massage and also learn how we can do it ourselves.

On the picture below, there are main points of the ear. We, however, will talk about the simplest tonic acupressure of the auricles. What would we need? You may do such kind of massage literally everywhere, but it’s better if it’s a quiet home environment, a comfortable chair or bed (whatever you prefer), and just around 10-15 minutes of your time.

Ear massage helps boost your health and energy levels
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Why Ear Massage?

Also known as auricular acupuncture, ear massage is an old great way to boost your energy levels and health in general. Pressure on particular parts of the ear gets energy flow through your body. As a result, a levelled up energy helps stimulate energy pathways when you are tired, reduces stress and relieves headache. Let’s have a more precise look at what ear massage is really capable of.

  • Ear Massage Boost Body Energy

According to traditional Chinese and Indian medicine, our body consists of energy that constantly flows throughout our bodies. Therefore, knowing which part of the body to massage will allow you to stimulate the energy pathways. Once the energy channels are activated, you will feel warmth throughout the body, relaxation, and sometimes tingling. At times when you are tired, exhausted, or distracted, ear massage will help you improve your mood and bring back a better focus and clarity.

  • Ear massage aids in weight loss

The great thing is that you can do this kind of massage yourself at any time. Out there also is auriculotherapy, or in other words, a procedure that involves medical specialists to do auricular acupuncture to treat or alleviate some diseases or other health-related problems.

Ear massage pre-procedure

Well, it’s now time to try it ourselves!

Before you start, you should warm up your hands: you may try rubbing them or warm them under hot/lukewarm water. After that, start pressing points on your ears. Rub them slowly, with pleasure, starting with the earlobes, and gradually moving up the edge of the auricle. Perform circular motions, pressing and slightly pulling. You should massage the ear points with the pads of index fingers and thumbs, or you may alternatively use a blunt rounded object. The ears should become pinkish from the pressure and warmth of your hands.

Control your energy

If you want to boost your energy and feel peppier, you should perform massage movements on the ear in a clockwise direction. In the evening, on the other hand, when you want to relax and fall asleep faster, it is recommended to perform tender massaging counter-clockwise. It calms down your central nervous system and promotes good sleep. You can perform massage on either ear simultaneously or one by one. Properly performed ear massage leads to an improvement in both physical and emotional state.

As you may notice, the ear contour is very similar to the child in the abdomen of a pregnant woman: with the head down and legs up. So the active points on the auricle are located in such a way that the projections of the head organs (eyes, ears, throat, forehead, jaws, etc.) are concentrated in the region of the earlobe. The limbs, on the other hand, are closer to the upper edge of the ear. Tragus and the surrounding area are responsible for the internal organs.

When you massage the ear, pay attention to the soreness when pressing. It may signal that there might be some problem with the corresponding organ located in the projection of this point.

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