Best Business Books for Beginners

best business books

Best business books for people who are considering to start their own business

Starting a business is never an easy task. There are so many uncertainties and obstacles you are bound to face along the way. In fact, this is the point at which potential entrepreneurs give up without even taking the chance.

While you could attend seminars and workshops to hone your skills, books are a great option. They are not only affordable, but also an amazing source of advice, ideas and inspirations. Here is a list of 6 best business books that every beginner should read!

The Lean Startup by Eric Ries

Eric Ries, an entrepreneur and blogger seeks to change entrepreneurial thinking in respect to efficiency and management. The case studies and insightful stories in this book about various start-ups will be extremely useful in your entrepreneurial ventures. You will not only be equipped with the knowledge of measuring business success but also how to adapt with the changing needs of your customers.

The Lean Startup seeks to help entrepreneurs look at business with fresh eyes and change the harmful business business books

Will It Fly? by Thomas K. McKnight

This is probably one of the most asked questions by entrepreneurs who want to start a business. Their major worry is whether the business idea will take off.

It is understandable how scary it can be to take a leap of faith and invest, which is why this book is a must read. McKnight based this book on his numerous experiences with various start-ups and compiled it into 44 main points. These points cover everything from the conception of a business idea to the exit strategy. Starting business is not a bed of roses but this book makes the journey considerably books for business

The Art of the Start 2.0 by Guy Kawasaki

Starting a business is a very sensitive process that requires planning. A mistake made in the early stages is bound to catch up with you in the later stages. Kawasaki, a venture capitalist and entrepreneur, lays down fundamental lessons for you in a guide that is easy to follow. These nuggets on information cover everything including crowd funding, social media and even employee motivation. The Art of the Start is proof that entrepreneur is not just a job title but also a state of one’s business book

The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber.

If everyone listened to the myths surrounding a business start-up, no one would ever start one. There are so many misconceptions surrounding businesses. If you find yourself getting scared off by some of them, this book will help you greatly. Michael Gerber will walk you through the life of a business from conception to the end, while at the same time dispelling all the myths. If you are looking for a guiding hand then this is the book to read!

Bonus books for people who have already started their business.

Starting a business is one step while keeping it afloat is the other. When it feels like you spend all your time trying to make your business work, giving up is very easy. Here are 2 books to keep you going!choosing a book

How To Win And Influence People by Dale Carnegie

This bestseller has seen many entrepreneurs turn their start-ups into great businesses. What makes this book so amazing is the fact that it not only helps to grow your business, but also enhance your personal growth. It strikes the perfect balance between educational and motivational. Dale Carnegie offers practical advice on how to cultivate both personal and professional relationships while still building your self-esteem.

The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey

Once you have started a business, it becomes difficult to balance your personal life and your work life. The two best ways of growing your business is through power and initiative while still achieving a balance between the personal and professional. If you are feeling worn out and are almost giving up, this book is exactly what you require.

Steve Covey has helped millions to maintain focus and stick to their path of success. You should however not expect shortcuts from this book as it is highly comprehensive. This best seller will motivate and rejuvenate your business books

Are you thinking of starting a business?
The secret to making it successful lies in the books above! 

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