6 Products for Your Joints Health

Natural products for joints' health
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As we age, our joints tend to wear out. Heavy loads that we carry and poor nutrition only exacerbate the problem. It is very difficult to restore damaged joints and in some cases almost impossible. Therefore, the best and the least costly method to promote your joints health is to maintain them naturally before any disease hits them.

There are many ways to do this. Some doctors recommend physical exercises, heat and cold treatments, acupuncture, magnets, and more. Today, however, we will talk about nutrition, which is an excellent tool for maintaining the cartilage tissue, normalizing metabolic processes in the joints and preventing their damage. Let’s explore 7 such products that you can include in your diet, their hidden properties, and also consumption recommendations.


Gelatin is a protein substance, derived from partially hydrolyzed collagen. It is obtained by processing animal body parts such as skin, bones and connective tissues.

gelatin helps maintain joints health
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According to the research by Keith Baar’s Functional Molecular Biology Laboratory, gelatin contains nutrients that our body needs to produce collagen – a protein that maintains the elasticity of the skin, connective tissues, and bones. The researchers tested the effects of gelatin on the body with the help of participants who consumed gelatin supplements before training. The results have shown that gelatin increased collagen production, making the connective tissues stronger and more elastic.

You may consume gelatine in the form of jelly, additives for soups, or jelly for desserts. It is good to combine gelatin with vitamin C, which is also necessary for collagen production.


Cherry eliminates the symptoms of osteoarthritis. Berries are high in content of ellagic acid with antioxidant properties that reduce inflammation.In a study conducted by the Medical Center of Boston University, it was found that only 10 cherries a day protect people from gout attacks, diseases of the joints and tissues associated with metabolic disorders. With the consumption of 10 cherries a day, the risk of an attack decreased by 35%, studies conducted. Cherry also eliminates the symptoms of osteoarthritis, a degenerative joint disease that affects cartilage.

Another reason to add berries to your diet is the high content of ellagic acid, which has antioxidant properties and reduces inflammation. In result, it will have a beneficial effect during arthritis of the joints. There is a large percentage of ellagic acid in wild strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries.


Pomegranate juice is powerful in reducing inflammation of the joints
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Pomegranate juice is powerful in reducing inflammation of the joints, according to the NCBI study. Pomegranates also reduce the risk of arthritis. The experiment shows that pomegranate extract can prevent the onset and incidence of collagen-induced arthritis.

Fat fish

Omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids contained in cold-water fat fish greatly helps to maintain connective tissues retain elasticity and boost the health of articular cartilage as well as the quality of intra-articular lubrication.

Fish oil helps eliminate arthritis pain and reduce the duration of morning stiffness of the joints
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Recent research has shown that fish oil helps eliminate arthritis pain and reduce the duration of morning stiffness of the joints. Scientists have concluded that some patients may replace conventional drugs with fish oil supplements for maintaining joints health.

Many omega-3 fatty acids can be found in black and red caviar, fresh mackerel, herring, salmon, sardines, and trout.


Turmeric reduces the severity of the joints inflammatory process and has analgesic properties
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Some studies suggest that turmeric may reduce the severity of the inflammatory process. Therefore, in case of problems with the joints, regular use of this spice in large quantities will somewhat improve the quality of life and reduce the dose of medications due to its analgesic properties.

Linseed oil

Linseed oil contains large amount of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids that helps mobility of joints
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This oil contains a large amount of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. In most cases, we don’t obtain these substances in the required daily doses, unlike other nutrients. The problem is that only a small amount of products contain omega-3-acids. As already mentioned, it is contained in fatty fish and some types of vegetable oils. Flaxseed, as you may discover for yourself, is one of the leaders in the content of these nutrients. Omega-3-acids not only help regulate cholesterol and blood pressure, reduce cardiovascular risks, but also provide good mobility of joints.


Try to include these healthy foods into your diet to maintain tissue elasticity and joints health longer. Remember that is always easier and better to maintain health other than cure the problem. If you have serious problems with your joints already, however, you need to consult a doctor. Today, there are many effective and safe therapies aimed at protecting articular cartilage from destruction and stimulating regenerative processes.


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