10 Apps for Time Management and Self-Control

Mobile apps for time management and self-control

In today’s world, time is seeming to be flying at the speed of a light. On Monday morning we may think of accomplishing certain tasks by weekend. However, at the end of the week, we might be wondering how fast time has passed.

Why the tasks that were set on the beginning of the week have not been accomplished? The answer to this question could be inappropriate time management. Various factors can be the reason of improper time management. For instance, procrastination, daydreaming, distractions, improper goal setting. Poor time management may negatively affect our life by causing stress, anxiety or depression.

There are several ways of managing time effectively. One of the most convenient and easily implemented options is to use the advantages of modern technology. In other words, we may be using mobile apps for time management and self-control.

In this article, we will look through 10 mobile apps that can help to properly manage time and take better control on our actions.

1. Apps for Time Management – Remember the Milk

apps for time managementIt is a task list management app for mobile systems. Available for both iOS and Android phones. Compatible with Google Calendar, IFTTT, Twitter, Evernote, Gmail, and Outlook.

Main functionalities

This decisive task-listing app helps you add tasks and prioritize yours activates. Moreover, app allows big tasks division into minor sub-tasks and customization. Apart from that, u can set task reminders through emails, texts, IM, or Twitter.

2. Apps for Time Management – Evernote

apps for time managementEvernote helps to increase productivity through proper time management. App is available for both Android and also iOS smartphones.

Main functionalities

Evernote offers a workspace for organizing and storing records, random notions, and also task lists. App allows to manage activities, project presentations among other scheduled events. Records can be stored using photos, voice memo, and other formats.

3. Apps for Time Management – MyLifeOrganized

apps for time managementIt is a time management app that helps you to develop a list of tasks according to your priorities. App is available for different platforms including iOS, Android and Windows. Basic version of the app is free and has cloud sync option for all devices.

Main functionalities and Advantages

MyLifeOrganized provides assignment list management with particular objectives in mind. Moreover, it synchronizes across numerous devices and has the ability to set responsibilities directly from the email. It automatically creates a shrewd list of actions required and mark complete tasks. Additionally, app can use drag-and-drop properties and calendar to arrange tasks for your studies, job or home life.

4. Apps for Time-Management – Carbonfin Outliner

It’s one of the most preferred task listing managers for a proper time and task management. Available for iOS. Costs $4.99

Main Features

It organizes big assignments to different subdivisions. There is no limit for tasks to be organized. In other words, you can range your personal tasks, as well as job activities.

5. Apps for Time Management – RescueTime

apps for time managementThis app is available for both Android and also iOS for free. RescueTime is rated one of the best self-control apps for tracking level of productivity and obstructing distracting websites.

Main Features

Block distractions by cutting access to time-wasting websites and apps. By doing so, it also records the time taken in every website and app. You must grant it permission to oversee your motions.

6. Apps for Self-control – Brain.fm

brain fmApplication provides “music for brain”. With the help of an app, users are able to enhance their focus, better meditate, and have a better sleep. In other words, brain.fm helps to improve general self-control. App is available for Android and iOS for free.

Main Features

Brainf.fm provides the timekeeper with two-hour lengthy sound effects. Those sounds are intended to help you avoid distractions hence ensuring relaxation or better sleep. Additionally, users can choose the type of audio according to their preferences. Available choices include chimes and bowls, rain, instrumental music, atmospheric noise among others

7. Apps for Self-control – Don’t Break the Chain!

time management appsDon’t Break the Chain is a motivational and productivity boosting self-control app. Application allows to track daily commitment of the most desirable goals of a user. Available iOS for free.

Main Features

App helps to stop undesirable habits or acquire a decent ones. With the help of the application, users can have an optical progress on daily goals. As a result, you are able to rate your success in acquiring a new habit. For example, you can check your correspondence for jobs and occasions. App ensures every day is well spent for adaptation to changes in behavior.

8. Apps for Self-control – Freedom

This app helps to control oneself by blocking distracting applications and websites to increase freedom for high productivity in daily activities. Mobile version is available for both iOS and Android. Moreover, app can be downloaded for Mac and also for Windows Operation Systems.

Main Features

freedom appApp can block distracting websites, other apps or even internet. Furthermore, user can create and customize blocklists. All the blocked websites can be synchronized across different devices that app is installed. Additionally, app allows to schedule the blocks in advance, so that distractions will be blocked according to schedule.

9. Apps for Time-Management and Self-control – 30/30

Time Management and self-control app to help individuals to organize for future tasks. Available for Android for free.

Main Features

An entirely gesture-based app that splits responsibilities into 30-minute interval phases with reasonable breaks between them. Moreover, it offers a complete dashboard for task finishing time which helps for additional task schedules in the future.

10. Focus Booster App

focus boosterFocus Booster is a Time Management app which also helps focusing on self-control. Available for iOS, and also Android systems.

Given free of charge for starters, $3 per month for a personal plan, or $5 monthly for a professional plan.

Main Features

It lets you split up your schedule into bite-sized portions. This app performs effectively for people who are looking for simple ways to trail tasks for indoor works or researches. The existence of dashboards to show time usage and reminders on break enhance your productivity.

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