Warning Signs of a Slow Metabolism

signs of a slow metabolism

Warning signs of a slow metabolism

Metabolism refers to chemical and biological processes that occur in any organism to sustain life. Metabolism is responsible for many necessary processes in human body, such as respiration, digestion and excretion.

There are people who have slower metabolic rates than normal. What does it have to do with a person’s lifestyle? Well, a fast metabolism means that your normal body processes run faster than average which generally leads to a more active lifestyle. On the other hand, a slow metabolism usually leads to a slower and more sluggish life since body processes such as digestion of food and conversion of the food into energy take longer to occur.

Having a slow metabolism is typically considered unhealthy, as the body is basically running a tad slower than it should. As a result, there is a number of health problems that come up as a result of a slow metabolism.

One ́s metabolism is affected by their age, gender, body composition, eating habits and the amount of physical activity one undertakes.

Here are the top ten warning signs of a slow metabolism :

1. Fatigue caused by a slow metabolism.

Lack of SleepIf you constantly feel tired, even though you have enough rest and sleep, this may be a symptom of a slow metabolism.

One of the main purposes of metabolism is a conversion of food we consume to energy, to run cellular processes.

Since the body is not breaking down food and converting it into energy as quickly as it should, your whole organism feels stressed. As a result, you always feel tired for no reason in particular.

2. Weight Gain and Difficulties in Losing Weight.

not losing weight at allPerhaps the most evident sign of a slow metabolism is excessive weight gain. You might be dieting but still find yourself packing up those extra pounds. A slow metabolism maybe guilty for that.

Slow metabolism leads to a slower and less efficient conversion of food into energy. This, in turn, may leave your body with more fat since the food is not converted into the required energy.

Another similar symptom of a slow metabolism is a difficulty in losing weight. Since your body cannot break down the stored fat as quickly and efficiently as it should, you could end up not losing any weight at all, despite your regular cardio exercises at gym and a right diet.

3. Frequent headaches caused by a slow metabolism.

If you perennially have small headaches that just do not seem to go away – this is one of the warning signs of a slow metabolism.

Slow metabolism may lead to poor performance of your thyroids. Therefore when your thyroids are not functioning right, you are prone to frequent headaches and migraines.

signs of a slow metabolism

4. Memory loss caused by a slow metabolism. 

As metabolism is also responsible for a proper functioning of your thyroids. Whereas, one of the repercussions of thyroids dysfunction is sporadic memory loss.

In fact, poor thyroid functionality leads to hormonal imbalance which strains the brain. Therefore, you tend to forget things much faster and have a shorter attention span.

5. Dry skin as a result of a slow metabolism.

Benefits of face scrubbing, female faceSkin is the largest organ of human body and of course it can be effected by a slow metabolism. The skin requires regular nourishment and moisturizing to remain healthy. Owing to a slow metabolism the skin will not get the required nourishment which makes it dry up faster and even crack up at times.

Metabolism also dictates the ability of the epidermal and dermal cells to regulate a cell turnover, collagen production in skin and UV light damage repair. In short, slower your metabolism, faster your skin ages.

6. Premature Hair Loss and Brittle Nails.

lose hairResearchers at UCLA proved that healthy hair growth depends on a person’s metabolic rate as well.

Just as with the skin, nails and hair need frequent nourishment to remain healthy. Therefore, a slow metabolism leads to hair loss since your body cannot provide essential nutrients to hair follicles and regenerate hair as quickly as it should, if you suffer from a slow metabolism.

In the same way, your nails may begin to look weak and become easy to break as a result of a metabolic dysfunction. The lack of essential nutrients makes it almost impossible to grow long nails and healthy hair.

7. Bloating after meals because of a slow metabolism.

Many people suffer from bloating especially after having their meals. A slow metabolism affects the rate at which food is broken down for absorption and conversion into energy. Consequently, the food partially remains in one’s digestive system without actually going through digestion. This is a major reason for bloating and being gassed up after meals.

8. Feeling Cold all the time. 

signs of a slow metabolismHypothyroidism is a condition where your thyroids are slower and less active than they should be. It is commonly associated with a slow metabolism.

Since part of the function of your thyroids is to regulate the body ́s temperature, hypothyroidism will lead to your body core being cold even when the temperature of your environment is warm. This is the reason why some people wear warm clothes even when the weather seems very warm.

9. Craving for carbs and sugars all the time.

signs of a slow metabolismA slow metabolism leads to a condition called insulin resistance which inevitably leads to poor absorption of glucose in your body.

Unfortunately, the more the carbs and sugars you consume as you try to satisfy your cravings, the more glucose you will crave, because this sugar won’t be properly absorbed in your body.

As you might have guessed, this leads to unwanted weight gain and frequent fatigue.

10. Depression and mental fatigue caused by a slow metabolism.

Lark or Owl? How our biological clocks work?Since the thyroids help in balancing our hormones, hypothyroidism that is often caused by a slow metabolism, leads to a hormonal imbalance. That coupled up with the frequent fatigue usually leads to a depression and mood swings.

As a consequence, one is unable to perform to their optimum which sometimes leads to mental stress and if excessive, a mental breakdown.

While it may seem like a curse, many people have a slow metabolism and exhibit at least one or a few of the signs above. The great thing is that you can always improve your body’s metabolism by eating healthy and frequently working out.

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