Anti-age Facial Exercises to Look Younger

Anti-age facial exercises
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Anti-age Facial Exercises to Look Younger

If you care about the health and aesthetics of your body and are already accustomed to exercising to gain muscle, have you ever stopped to think that there are more than 50 muscles in your face and neck?

In general, people resort to cosmetic creams and treatments to improve the appearance of the skin and avoid the dreaded expression marks, but it is rather rare for anyone to think about doing facial exercises to keep the face younger.

Facial muscles also deserve attention and that is why facial gymnastics has been gaining fans around the world hoping to improve the appearance and rejuvenate.

The facial gymnastics promises to reduce or prevent fine lines, wrinkles, increase skin firmness and even lessen the headaches.

Let’s find out a bit more about how facial gymnastics works and step-by-step instructions of some of the most important facial exercises.

What are the Anti-age Facial Exercises?

When we smile, frown or do any other facial expression, we are moving the muscles of our face. In a reaction to the various situations, we engage particular muscles of our face to work. As a result, the shapes that these movements leave on our face are a clue to the lines of expression that we will have as we age.

The facial gymnastics works so as to strengthen these muscles and give more firmness to the skin. This means that in addition to improving the appearance of the face, the blood circulation of the face will improve, helping revitalize the skin.

Let’s Get Started…

Here we tried to gather seven most essential anti-age facial exercises for different parts of the face area to strengthen the muscles of the face and improve the overall appearance.


Due to the numerous facial expressions, we made over the years, the signs begin to appear on the forehead, whether in the form of lengthwise fold marks or wrinkles. Let’s have a try to the following exercise that should help undesired marks soften or even disappear:

Gather the index and middle fingers of both hands in the middle of the forehead. Then, make small circular movements with slight pressure, following towards the sides of the head. Then do the reverse, but change the direction of the circles. Reproduce the movements 3 times daily.

Firm Look

Over time, the eyelids begin to droop, which leaves the look sad and tired. To prevent this from happening, raise your eyebrows without the help of your hands and look down, holding in that position for 8 seconds. Repeat this operation 3 times, and then open and close your eyes 3 times by gently pressing their outer corners with your index fingers.

Crow’s feet

Do you know those little wrinkles on the sides of the eyes that appear when you smile? Yeah, those are the famous and fearsome crow’s feet. To fight with them, keep your eyes wide open without the help of your hands and lookup. Meanwhile, press the sides of the eyes with your index fingers trying to raise the lower eyelid. Repeat this exercise 10 times.

Double chin

Unfortunately, even thinnest of people must face the double chin problem. In order to prevent your skin sloping down in this area, try practising the next facial gymnastics:

Place the tongue on the roof of the mouth and, with the tips of the fingers, massage the region with movements from the neck to the chin, repeating this movement 10 times.

Rejuvenated Neck

And do not forget the neck, which is the part of your body that can denounce your age! To keep you fit longer, invest your effort in this exercise as well: tighten your neck with both hands with all your fingers holding your neck on the backside and the fist pressing lightly on the front. Perform massaging the region with your fingertips forward and reverse the movement, repeating it 10 times for each direction.

Smoothing lines of expression around the mouth

With your mouth closed, slide your tongue inside the entire outline of the mouth, in front of your teeth, as if you were “pushing” your lips forward. Make this move 10 times to one side and 10 times to the other.

This exercise will involve the musculature in the area of the mouth. Especially in the upper part, where the line of “Chinese moustache” is formed. Thus, this area becomes smoother over time with the help of regular exercises.

Anti-age Facial Exercises for cheeks and other facial muscles

To keep the musculature of the face firm one has to pay special attention to the region of the cheeks. For this, use your hands to hold the cheeks while you smile wide with your lips closed. Leave your hands, applying force on the cheeks to resist the movement provided by lips. Hold each position (smiling and not smiling) for ten seconds, repeating 10 times.

For Better Results

These exercises can work better if you do them in the morning after just waking up. So, make them using your favourite moisturizer so your skin stays well hydrated and slick. This way you can avoid any pain or discomfort during exercises.

Also, do not forget that in order to keep your skin rejuvenated, it is vital to get good nutrition and physical activity to stay young, healthy, and beautiful.

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