How to be feminine and attractive woman?

How to be feminine and attractive woman

How to be feminine and attractive woman ?  

You may have noticed that lot of women who seem to be very popular among men are not always even “that” beautiful actually. In fact, the thing that can really fascinate men is not only attractive female appearance but also their temperament, manners and femininity.

When men describe their ideal woman, their definitions reflect their personal preferences but to a great extent, they agree on one thing: she is feminine. Pop culture, and by extension the modern society, is currently pushing women to be more masculine. It is not a bad thing because it is helping tip the scales towards gender equality. The problem is, oftentimes, women are neglecting their femininity.

What is femininity?

How to be feminine and attractive womanFemininity is a grossly misunderstood concept. The traditional femininity means gentleness. However, the new concept of femininity is firstly individuality. What’s more, women should be confident, bright, interesting and gentle at the same time.

Being feminine is not being docile, weak, and dependent on men. It also doesn’t conform to the traditional line of thought that emphasized on you being submissive and holding no opinions of your own. It is instead more concerned with your style, confidence, and attitude; you are selfless, loving, receptive, and caring. It is a state of being that encourages you to free yourself from norms that hold you back from realizing your potential.

Being feminine is more of a social rather than a biological concept. That’s why even men have some feminine traits although their masculine traits will tend to override them. That being said, you can be feminine and still be powerful, driven, high-achieving, smart, and assertive.

What is attractiveness?

How to be feminine and attractive womanAttractiveness is the quality of being desirable to potential mates. When you are attractive, you are beautiful, sexy, and easygoing. Each of those qualities is distinct; beautiful is aesthetically pleasing, sexy is sexually alluring, and easygoing is fun to be around (desirable personality).

Many peoples’ definition of female attractiveness focuses on being sexually attractive and aesthetically pleasing to men. It is common for many people to relate attractiveness to a perfect body shape, beautiful eyes, flawless skin, sexy style and etc. While that interpretation is correct, it is only one part of the equation as we’ve established. In reality, aesthetic appearance is only one part of being attractive.

A great personality should be the foundation of your attractiveness. Although men are visual creatures, physical attractiveness (a pretty face and a nice figure) and being sexy can only take you so far. Think of it this way: your attractive physicality draws them in and your winning personality keeps them.

Do men prefer more feminine women? Is being feminine attractive?

Being feminine embodies the qualities that attract men. It encourages you to optimize your looks as well as your personality. Just as you would crave masculinity in a man, men crave femininity in women. If you radiate feminine energy, you will be attractive.

All human beings, male or female, lie somewhere between being feminine and masculine with men leaning towards masculinity and women towards femininity.

When a woman is feminine, she complements a man because while he feeds off of her feminine energy, she is drawing from his masculine energy. They are more likely to coexist because men enjoy the company of women who appreciate the natural differences in the sexes rather than those who dismiss them.

The Chinese philosophical principle of Yin and yang cements this belief. It confirms that for there to be a balanced relationship, a man and a woman need to be complementary.more feminine

How to be feminine and attractive woman?

How can I look/be more attractive?

Your femininity will show through your behavior and appearance. Therefore, in order to become more feminine and attractive, you need to work on them.

a) Behavior

Feminine behavior is rooted in being confident in yourself and having a genuine desire to improve other peoples’ lives. Your demeanor should also be a projection of your desirable innate qualities.

There is no textbook way to behave to be feminine but adopting these should nudge you the right way:

  1. Be confident in your own abilities and beauty.
  2. Show compassion. Listen to other people without judging them. Empathize with them and show them that you care.
  3. Be generous. Help people if it is within your means.
  4. Be open to helpful criticism. Accept your flaws and improve the ones that you can.
  5. Be courteous and respectful to others
  6. Avoid unnecessary conflict. However, do not mistake this with failing to stand your ground when you need to.
  7. Smile. Men like to visualize the smile of women when they think about them. A smile gives a warm feeling of approval, appreciation, love.
  8. Sexy talk. Sex is part of relationships, and a little bit of a “dirty talk” will make your man feel wanted and desired.
  9. Surround yourself with feminine women. It’s the quickest way to embrace your femininity because you will feel more at home being feminine when your friends embody to be more feminineb) Appearance

To be attractive, you must look the part because men’s primal attraction to women is triggered by physical appearances.

Pay attention to these elements to elevate your appearance:
  1. Fashion. A good starting point is to wear clothes that accentuate your female form but make you feel comfortable. Find clothes that fit and if you are okay showing more skin, go for it. Things like colorful shoes, bags, and scarves can also augment the look. Also, start wearing dresses and skirts more often.
  2. Your gait. The way you walk should accentuate your figure and exude confidence. A feminine walk is not labored and doesn’t appear forced, but rather, it oozes poise. Keep your back straight, shoulders back (to accentuate the chest), and let your hips swing as you walk (subtly swing them toward the foot taking the step). The key to nailing it is walking reasonably slowly (like you are never in a rush) and appearing to be in control.
  3. Hair. Grow longer hair and look after it – you don’t have to grow it long but you must look after it daily. Shave your body hair and trim it where appropriate.
  4. Skincare. Your skin is your largest organ and it is very important to take care of it. Flawless, soft and nice smelling skin is always attractive.
  5. Mani-Pedi. Men usually prefer women who have nice feet, clean nails and toes, because it says a lot about a woman’s personality.
  6. Makeup. You don’t need make up to become more feminine but it helps. Try having fun with it and keep it light.
  7. Jewelry. It can help you feel more attractive and confident. Go for those that have stones rather than the plain ones.
  8. Watch your diet and exercise frequently. The majority of men prefer to see their partner in a good physical shape.

more feminine

Conclusion. How to be feminine and attractive woman?

There is no correct way to carry yourself to be considered feminine. These tips can only act as a guide to show you what you can do to be more attractive. There are many more factors to consider, but when you find your ideal combination, it will feel right.

As a female, you should first love yourself a lot. It is the most important secret to be a feminine and attractive woman. You will be more desirable and quality men will pick up on that and gravitate towards to be more feminine

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